New West Auckland Pathway Opens

Part of multi-stage development


From Auckland Council:

Stage one of Te Whau Pathway opens 

Stage one of the Te Whau Pathway is complete, giving walkers and cyclists the beginnings of a great new route between Kelston and New Lynn.

The public is invited to celebrate the completion at a free event on Sunday 18 October, 1 – 3pm at Archibald Park, off Beaubank Road in Kelston.

There will be a free sausage sizzle and ice cream, face painting, bouncy castle and prizes. Bring your bike, scooter or skateboard!

Three sections of the pathway, totalling 1.6km, run through Olympic, Ken Maunder and Archibald parks. Once complete, Te Whau Pathway will be a 13km shared path for cyclists and pedestrians, linking Manukau Harbour at Green Bay Beach to the Waitematā Harbour at Te Atatū Peninsula along the western edge of the historic Whau River. It will also provide entry and exit points for kayakers.

The $29 million project is planned to be completed over the next five to eight years, with work being carried out as funding allows.


The Whau Coastal Walkway Environmental Trust, Whau Local Board, Henderson-Massey Local Board and Auckland Transport are working together to construct the pathway.

The Whau Local Board has funded the design, consultation, resource consenting and project management for stage one. The Whau Coastal Walkway Environmental Trust, with a grant from The Trusts Community Foundation, has funded the construction of the first stage.

“The pathway is enjoying use from a great variety of people, and we are delighted that it is fulfilling a need and showing off the beautiful river,” says Iris Donoghue, chair of the Whau Coastal Walkway Environmental Trust.

Whau Local Board chair Catherine Farmer says it’s great to have the first part of the pathway completed. “The pathway showcases some of the river’s unique environmental and historical features and we encourage the community to head along to enjoy a walk or cycle.”

Henderson-Massey Local Board chair Vanessa Neeson says she’s looking forward to seeing the path extended north into her local board area. “It will be great to have the connection between Te Atatū Peninsula and Green Bay.”


Te Whau Pathway concept image Source: Auckland Council
Te Whau Pathway concept image
Source: Auckland Council



5 thoughts on “New West Auckland Pathway Opens

  1. And one more issue, our liquor is sold through the trusts also, and they have a close link to the Trusts Community Foundation. Presland is also on the Portage Liquor Licensing Trust and Tim Livingstone is a Director at the management company the West Auckland Trusts Services. So they are decision makers on council, at the licensing trusts that also contribute and on the delivery side. It should be an independent community group from a broad cross section of the community running the Whau Coastal Walkway Environmental Trust.

  2. And Its also worth noting that Whau Coastal Walkway Trust isn’t in the councils awarded contracts list nor in the supplier spend report.

      1. The above statements are verifiable through and the business register . This is just one of many. Most of our projects are handled like this out West. So the question is the public comfortable with that. I think it’s gone beyond a board member on a charity when you see the number of conflicts of interest in the trust above. It’s not illegal as the member might declare they are a trustee (although a few have omitted to do so) but because the 3 west boards work in partnership you only see one trust on your own boards agenda. . But when you see the number of elected members and council family members etc above I think it’s an issue. They are charities that are set up to specifically to deliver council projects. The result is politicians and associates have increasingly control over how the money is spent and it goes outside the public eye and outside council OIA processes. This is the “empowered communities” model. I think it needs to be tightened up considerably.

  3. I feel uncomfortable with the amount of conflict of interest out West. It’s always a very tight crew who control the decision making and also on the trusts that deliver the projects. Do they get paid to be directors? What are the directors costs? There’s very little accountaiblity or checks and balances. No tendering. And no scoping of the projects or public costing. The Whau Coastal Walkway Trust has the following Trustees: David John Kenkel (Cathy Kenkel was until recently Mayors Advisor of Local Initiatives),Antonio Jose Miguel-Rodriguez,Gregory Boone (Elected Member, and Lopdell Development Trust) , Man Fai Peter Chan (Local Board Member), Iris Marie Donoghue , Timothy Grant Livingstone (Lopdell Development Trustee), Gilbert Morris Brakes (Also opened up Smart Trails company at the same time as this trustee position, is also on Friends of Whau Trust, Whau River Catchment Trust, and Biolandscape company) Derek Buentin Battersby (Local Board Member, Ecomatters Trust, Olympic Trust )

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