Don’t Be a Clown and a Statistic. Drive Safe on Our Beaches

Do not forget your permits either


A message from Auckland Council:

Driving permits needed for some west coast beaches

Auckland Council is encouraging people wanting to drive on west coast beaches this Labour Weekend to get their free online permit now.

Recognising that driving on the beach is very different from driving on the road, the council has a permit system in place for people wanting to drive on the very popular Muriwai and Karioitahi beaches. Under council’s Public Safety and Nuisance Bylaw, vehicles are not allowed on beaches – unless just launching a boat – without the written permission of council.

To make this simpler for drivers, on 1 September council introduced an online permit system for these beaches and more than 2,700 permits have been issued so far.

The permit can easily be applied for online and all drivers need to do is fill in their details and make sure they have their permit in their vehicle when driving on the beach. Drivers must read corresponding rules and guidelines which include staying off the dunes, looking out for partially submerged objects, only accessing the beach three hours either side of low tide and slowing down when there are people or animals around.

The weather patterns and terrain of these west coast beaches are unique and can make driving conditions difficult at times. If you’re planning to enjoy a drive along the beach this Labour Weekend, apply for a free permit at and enjoy a safe day on the sand.

Enjoy the time out there on the West Coast this Summer 🙂


One thought on “Don’t Be a Clown and a Statistic. Drive Safe on Our Beaches

  1. The reality is that any vehicle driven on a beach is exposed to salt water induced rust. The faster you go, the more spray attacks your vehicle.
    Wonder if that financial incentive will make them pay heed?

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