Mayor Len Brown Will Not Seek Re-election #Auckland2016

Mayor announces plans this morning


From the Office of the Mayor Len Brown

Len Brown announces electoral intentions

 Len Brown has announced that he has decided not to seek another term as Mayor of Auckland.

Mr Brown says: “It has been my absolute honour to be given the privilege to be able to serve our people as the first Mayor of a united Auckland.

“I was proud to be inaugurated as the first Mayor of the super city in 2010 and humbled to be re-elected for a second term three years later.

“However after discussions with my wife Shan and our daughters, I have decided nine years as Mayor, first of Manukau and then Auckland, are enough.

“Our opponents wrote us off from day one, but the achievements during the first five years of the new Auckland have been extraordinary.

“Auckland is more confident and positive about its future than it has been in decades. We are becoming a true international city and the symbols of our optimism are all around us.

“Electric trains, double decker buses, a growing network of cycleways, new ferry routes and most of all construction is about to begin on the City Rail Link – the most important piece of infrastructure to be built in Auckland in decades.

“Auckland is working better with government than it has in years with the Housing Accord enabling thousands of extra homes to be built and the Auckland Transport Alignment Project focussing on building vital transport infrastructure.

“We have opened up the waterfront and award winning civic amenities have been built and are now being enjoyed by people across Auckland.

“Our swimming pools are free for our kids, people will be able to cycle and walk across SkyPath on the Harbour Bridge, we have saved iconic heritage landmarks such as the St James, and that most iconic of Auckland landmarks, Maungakiekie/One Tree Hill will soon have a tree back on the summit.

“All this while the council remains committed to low rates increases, the sale of non-strategic assets, capping council debt and keeping our credit rating remains at a level many sovereign states would be jealous of.

“Aucklanders have my assurance that my commitment to this job will continue until the last day of my mayoralty. There is still enormous amount we need to achieve during the coming year.

“My best wishes to those who decide to stand for what is one of the most all-consuming jobs in the nation. Tamaki Makaurau is an extraordinary place which will place extraordinary demands on whoever takes up the challenge.”



Talking Auckland thanks Mayor Len Brown for his six years of service (as of end of 2016) as the first mayor of the Super City and three years as the last mayor of the former Manukau City Council. I could go into all the negative but that I feel is a waste of space.

The Mayor for his faults pulled off achievements that will have lasting effects to Auckland most notably the stability in Governance the South and West enjoy but the Isthmus have never learnt post Dove Myer Robinson.


#Auckland2016 does now present a clean slate in who becomes Mayor and who will lead the Governing Body from there on.

Now to the two final tasks for the Mayor and they being the Transport Accord with Central Government and the Unitary Plan due to go live July next year.


Mayor Len Brown enjoying Auckland's new electric trains. Source: Auckland Council
Mayor Len Brown enjoying Auckland’s new electric trains.
Source: Auckland Council