Auckland Development Committee Agenda – November 2015 #AKLPols

Future Urban Land Supply to be adopted


Next Thursday the Auckland Development Committee will be in session again. One of the main topics will be the Future Urban Land Strategy which the Committee will adopt. Once adopted the Strategy will guide the future conversions of the Future Urban Zone in the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan from rural to urban.

I will not be a the Committee live Tweeting as I am on leave all of next week (blog posts will still be coming up however). I will be at the December Auckland Development Committee though as several major items will be due up including the Manukau Transport Interchange.


The Future Urban Land Strategy:

Adoption of the Future Urban Land Supply Strategy

File No.: CP2015/23239


  1. To consider the feedback received during public consultation on the draft Future Urban Land Supply Strategy (the draft Strategy), to approve the Auckland Development Committee Deliberations Panel’s recommended changes to this draft Strategy as a result of this feedback and to adopt the final Strategy.

Executive Summary

  1. The Auckland Development Committee resolved to approve the draft Strategy for public consultation on 7 July 2015 in accordance with the Special Consultative Procedure set out in section 83 of the Local Government Act (2002).
  2. Public consultation on the draft Strategy took place from 17 July to 17 August 2015.  A total of 237 pieces of written feedback was received.  This feedback, together with the feedback from 270 people who attended the four Have Your Say public meetings, was considered by the deliberations panel on 23 September and 7 October 2015.  Overall, the feedback strongly supported the intent and purpose of the draft Strategy in terms of providing a region-wide approach to integrating and sequencing land use and infrastructure in the future urban zone (FUZ) areas.
  3. The main changes proposed to the draft Strategy as a result of the feedback are the following amendments to the initially proposed sequencing of the FUZ areas:
    1. that Warkworth North East be included in the first half of decade two
    2. that Drury West (formerly called Karaka in the draft Strategy) be brought forward to the first half of decade two
    3. that Opaheke – Drury be sequenced in the first half of decade three (previously the second half of decade two)
    4. that Puhinui be included in the second half of decade two (though not included in the draft Strategy nor specifically raised in the feedback, it is included to align with recent planning undertaken for the area).
  4. Other proposed changes in response to the feedback received include matters related to:
    1. scale and context of growth
    2. structure planning
    3. costs, funding and financing solutions
    4. importance of monitoring
    5. collaboration.
  5. A monitoring and review programme is an integral part of implementing the Strategy.  It will ensure that the Strategy is responsive to changes in the future to deliver land for development at the right time and in the right locations.  The monitoring programme will be part of a wider monitoring framework undertaken for the Auckland Plan.
  6. As part of the ongoing implementation of the Strategy, the council and infrastructure providers will work together to ensure more detailed land use and infrastructure planning and delivery is aligned.
  7. Future urban zones identified as ‘standalone areas’ (with the exception of Hingaia) are not included in the Strategy.  They will be addressed through future work on the stage four (rural and coastal towns) Rural Urban Boundary (RUB) process.

That the Auckland Development Committee:

a)      receive the summary of public feedback obtained during the draft Future Urban Land Supply Strategy consultation process

b)      approve the changes to the draft Future Urban Land Supply Strategy proposed by the Auckland Development Committee Deliberations Panel

c)      adopt the Future Urban Land Supply Strategy as proposed by the Auckland Development Committee Deliberations Panel and inclusive of additional changes approved by the Committee

d)      delegate through the Chief Executive to the General Manager,Auckland Plan, Strategy and Research the ability to make any minor edits or amendments to the Future Urban Land Supply Strategy to correct any identified errors or typographical edits or to reflect decisions made by the Auckland Development Committee.


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