Opinion: Manurewa Local Board Chair Only Thinking of Her Election #Auckland2016

Is Dalton really representing her community or more interested in politics and a seat at the Governing Body


I have been aware of the dissonance at the Manurewa Local Board owing to its Chair Angela Dalton and Deputy Chair Simeon Brown for a while now. So when I saw this piece in the Papakura Courier yesterday Dalton’s naked attempt in undermining the Manurewa-Papakura Ward Councillors Sir John Walker and Calum Penrose for political gains was not surprising at all.

That Papakura Courier piece:

Papkaura Courier November 11, 2015
Papkaura Courier
November 11, 2015


I remember when that funding formula was put forward as an extension of the Long Term Plan debate and now entering the Annual Plan 16/17 debate which we get our say on early next year. The Council has adopted the 90% population, 5% land mass (for which Manurewa Local Board and Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board are some of the largest urban local board by geographic mass areas) and 5% deprivation. Where the Southern Local Boards might have lost out on is the population aspect given we are not as dense (as of yet) as the Isthmus Local Board areas. However, the deprivation and land mass would have been enough to compensate any losses as the rural Local Boards of Rodney and Franklin would have been affected as well.


Dalton is also not quite telling the entire truth either in this begging for funding situation. Dalton like other “conservatives” bang on about Council sticking to core business but I distinctly remember her Local Board funding a mass eating ice cream community event earlier in the year. If “core” services were stuck to as Dalton bangs on about then that event would have never received a cent from the Local Board. If community events were to be funded I would still question funding that event as well as best use of limited Local Board money.

But I will let you read the reply from Councillors Penrose and Walker and the Minutes of both the Manurewa Local Board and the Finance and Performance Committee speak for themselves (I can dig the Minutes up on request).


I do wonder about Chair Angela Dalton and Deputy Chair Simeon Brown and whether their politics are more harming the Manurewa area than benefiting it. I have heard officers of Auckland Council have lost respect to both the Chair and Deputy Chair owing to both their dictatorial and condescending attitudes to the officers. That same attitude is also given to the two Ward Councillors as well despite their thankless job of overseeing Bylaw and Regulatory reforms, the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan, transport issues in the South and the large amount of growth we are facing over the next twenty years.

It is also no secret ex-Manurewa Local Board member and chair Daniel Newman has been seen with Dalton and Brown as well as a “regular feature” at Local Board meetings. I also know Dalton and Brown have aligned themselves to Papakura Electorate MP Judith Collins and her style of politics. Politics that have fractured the Manurewa Local Board with the minority opposition roughshodded over frequently.


So I wonder is Dalton and Brown actually interested in their community or interested in tipping out two Councillors for the sake of a seat at the Governing Body table?

More to the point would you want undone the work going into Southern Auckland thanks to our Ward Councillors given the high amount of growth the South is facing? We need elected representatives that are going to represent all of the constituents regardless whether they agree with that constituent or not. We need Councillors who think of the regional picture as well as the local picture. We need Ward Councillors that don’t engage in Collins style combative uncompromising ideological politics but rather engage in pragmatism and maybe unpopular decisions such as Rates (which the bulk of the self took either low rises or more likely Rates decreases).


No one said being a Southern Ward Councillor was going to be easy given the challenges the South faces. But ask yourself this? What would harm the South more? Combative unrepresentative-style politics that dogged the Isthmus for decades pre-Super City or representative pragmatic-style politics that get things done and give us stability for the benefit of the Community?

You have that decision to make #Auckland2016.