Southern Councillors “React” To the Chair of Manurewa Local Board’s Claims of “Neglect” #AKLPols

Included are the Minutes of various meetings in regards to the new Local Board funding formula’s


Earlier today I penned an OP-Ed piece in reply to claims by Manurewa Local Board Chair Angela Dalton that the Southern Ward Councillors were serving against the interests of the South. That op-ed piece can be read here: Opinion: Manurewa Local Board Chair Only Thinking of Her Election #Auckland2016


I have had more information forwarded since that post this morning around the origins of the apparent claims made by Ms Dalton and the reaction from the southern Councillors as such.

Below is the reaction from Manurewa-Papakura Ward Councillors Penrose and (Sir John) Walker from late October:

Southern councillors reject “wrong” funding criticism

In the wake of last week’s decision on funding allocation for local board projects, councillors representing Auckland’s southern wards are disappointed by comments made by Manurewa Local Board Chair Angela Dalton.

“Councillors have been wrongly accused of abandoning their own local areas, after doing as much as practical to take account of preferences from 21 local boards,” say Manurewa-Papakura Councillors Calum Penrose and Sir John Walker.

“The most bizarre part of Ms Dalton’s comments is that they contradict the position of her local board.

“The information provided to Auckland Council officers was based on resolutions passed by local boards.

“At no point between 13 August and 22 October did the Manurewa Local Board formally reconsider their position, and it is that position that councillors must consider.

“The option passed by the 22 October Finance and Performance Committee meeting supports the original resolution that Ms Dalton moved at a Manurewa Local Board meeting on 13 August.

“They agreed to allocate 1% to Great Barrier Island, 2% to Waiheke Island, with the remaining local boards to receive their allocation based on 90% population, 5% deprivation, and 5% land area.

Importantly, this fund is a new contribution to boards – there are no cuts to their current budget. Manurewa will receive an additional $550,368 to ease their reliance on third party sources.

“Of course it is not unusual for new information to arise that changes opinions on a decision and there were whispers that local board members were reconsidering their preferred option.

“On the day of the Finance and Performance Committee meeting, Local Board Chairs Andrew Baker, Shale Chambers and Kay McIntyre spoke to the item on behalf of their boards.

“This was a last minute opportunity for members of the Manurewa Local Board to express their disagreement with their former position.

“Not only was this opportunity not taken up, but Ms Dalton did not attend the local board meeting prior to the vote (8 October) which could have been an opportunity to formally discuss the decision in a public setting with her fellow board members and, potentially, change the official decision.

“We can never please all the boards, but to have a chairperson turn back on the board’s decision is a slight on the governance of Auckland. It is vital that we continue to work together, local board members and councillors, to make the best decisions for Auckland.”


Further Information

Manurewa Local Board meeting 13 August 2015




Finance and Performance Committee meeting 22 October 2015




Remember that for me as a voter in the Ward:

…Would you want undone the work going into Southern Auckland thanks to our Ward Councillors given the high amount of growth the South is facing? We need elected representatives that are going to represent all of the constituents regardless whether they agree with that constituent or not. We need Councillors who think of the regional picture as well as the local picture. We need Ward Councillors that don’t engage in Collins style combative uncompromising ideological politics but rather engage in pragmatism and maybe unpopular decisions such as Rates (which the bulk of the self took either low rises or more likely Rates decreases).

No one said being a Southern Ward Councillor was going to be easy given the challenges the South faces. But ask yourself this? What would harm the South more? Combative unrepresentative-style politics that dogged the Isthmus for decades pre-Super City or representative pragmatic-style politics that get things done and give us stability for the benefit of the Community?

You have that decision to make #Auckland2016.


Source: Opinion: Manurewa Local Board Chair Only Thinking of Her Election #Auckland2016


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