Announcing the publication of ‘Suburban Urbanities’ with UCL Press

The Metropolitan Centres as we know as in Auckland or Metropolitan Suburban Centres as this post and new book calls them.

What are the roles of these Centres and are we as both citizens and planners underestimating the potential of these Metropolitan Centres that have been there as long as the modern city has been?

Towards Successful Suburban Town Centres

The edited collection, Suburban Urbanities: Suburbs and the Life of the High Street was published last week with UCL Press.

The main impetus for publishing this edited collection, was to bring together the core findings of seven years’ worth of research into London’s suburbs, funded by two UK Research Council grants: Towards Successful Suburban Town Centres and Adaptable Suburbs. In doing this, we sought out a comparative set of examples from outside of the UK, which were first presented at our closing conference last year. The intention of Suburban Urbanities is to consider the suburb as an aspect of urban spatial-social complexity, rather than subordinate part of the city. We argue that attempting to define an urban particularity entirely without reference to the suburban is almost certain to fail. Instead, using spatial analysis, historical and ethnographic perspectives the book counteracts the binary opposition between city and suburb and challenges…

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