Map of the Day: Layton City

Map rendering of a Cities Skylines city


I discovered a mod which allows your Cities Skylines city to both be exported as a map you would find of Google Maps AND to Fallout 4 for your “pleasure” as well.


Below is the rendering of my latest city – Layton City as you would find it on Google Maps:

Layton City Map CAUTION: Map is 13MB and 12042x10622 in size NOT Recommended for Mobiles
Layton City Map
CAUTION: Map is 13MB and 12042×10622 in size
NOT Recommended for Mobiles


If you do click on the map for the full resolution please note the warning above.


I full resolution close up though showing transit stops, special building and so on is pretty impressive. Once the mod that produces these maps is fully updated I will render a map specifically for the subway lines which can not be seen at the moment.

Also please note the One-Way arrows are the wrong way at the moment as well until the mod author builds the code for left hand driving we do here.


The Mod:

Cimtographer, for Cities: Skylines

Want your city to feel like a real city? The Cimtographer Mod for Cities: Skylines allows you to export your city into OSM format. OSM (OpenStreetMap) means you can view your city in the same eye-pleasing way you would any real-world location. Your map will display all your bus stops, train stations, highways, airports, and even cycling paths. Neat! Subscribe and find out more here.


Layton City


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