#RIPJonah – A Hero of South Auckland (and the World)

A massive hole left in the South Auckland Community from the passing of Rugby Great – Jonah Lomu


The news of the passing of Jonah Lomu is being felt world-wide but even more so in South Auckland where he grew up, resided and inspired a then downtrodden community to be all they can be today, tomorrow and beyond.


Others will give their accounts of a man who brought rugby into a new age and who inspired a many legion of fans here in Auckland and around the world.

But his inspiration to the people of South Auckland who in the 1990’s was downtrodden and treated with disdain by others. I would have been 10 when he scored that try we all now know in the 1995 Rugby World Cup. But that try and its impact would and could be felt through the people of the South.

Having lived in the South for most of my life and still do I no longer see a community downtrodden but a community inspired and inspired to do great things

RIP to a man who brought the hits to Rugby

Who his rivals respected

Who inspired those of South Auckland

Rest Easy Now Jonah as your job is done. May those you inspired continue your legacy forever more