Rail Boardings Pass 15 Million #AKLPols

And patronage continues to climb


From Auckland Transport

Another record for Auckland’s trains


If you travelled on the trains in Auckland today you’re one in 15 million with annual rail patronage in the city reaching a new record.

To mark reaching 15 million trips a year Auckland Transport has handed out free coffee vouchers to all passengers who were on the trains into Britomart at the time the new milestone was reached around midday.

General Manager AT Metro, Mark Lambert says rail patronage in Auckland has grown by 22% over the past year. “Just four months ago we marked 14 million passenger trips. And if we go back 10 years we had just 4 million trips a year.”

Auckland Transport chairman Dr Lester Levy says when he became AT chairman in November 2012 rail patronage was just 10 million. “What Aucklanders have wanted for decades is reliable, frequent and safe public transport options and we have a very clear focus on delivering to those wants and needs.”

Mayor Len Brown says this is another outstanding achievement for public transport in Auckland. “At this rate we will pass the next big milestone – 20 million – at the start of 2017. Aucklanders love their trains and compared to this time last year, they’re taking around 10,000 extra trips every day across the suburban network.”

Since the rail network went all-electric in July, from Papakura to Swanson, there has been a marked improvement in reliability and on-time performance. In October 93% of services arrived at their destination within five minutes of their scheduled time and the previous month 94.9% of services arrived on time, a new record for Auckland trains.

Mr Lambert says “Our customers are liking the improved level of service and the comfort and convenience of the new trains. We’re also working on a timetable improvement which will see services on the Western Line go to six trains an hour at peak like the Southern and Eastern Lines.”

Overall public transport patronage in Auckland across rail, bus and ferries now exceeds 80 million passenger trips a year.


Source: https://at.govt.nz/about-us/news-events/another-record-for-aucklands-trains/


Won’t be long until that 20 million figure ever so quoted by the Government.


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