Don’t Fear the Third Floor: A Storify by Juile Fairey

Why fear the already present third storey when Auckland intensifies


With the #UnitaryPlan debate wrongly focused on this apparent fear of three storeys in the Mixed Housing Urban Zone which makes up at moment 10% of all residential zoning in urban Auckland (subject to change) Julie Fairey of Puketapapa Local Board produced this Storify on that Third Floor:

Don’t Fear the Third Floor: Here be Three Storey Towers of Terror!

byJulie Fairey 19 hours ago

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  1. Under the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan (affectionately known as the PAUP), there are four main residential zones; Single House (two storey max), Mixed Housing Suburban (two storey max), Mixed Housing Urban (three storey max), and Terraced Housing / Apartment Buildings aka THAB (four storey max, unless v close to a town centre and/or frequent transport network route in which case may go higher depending on other factors).
  2. There has been a lot of fear about “high rise” three storey developments.
  3. Yes read that again, THREE storey, HIGH RISE. Or high density. Three storeys. That’s one more than two. I don’t know about you but I live in a two storey house now.
  4. So in the interests of assisting with the understanding about what three storeys could look like I have taken some photos of existing three storey buildings in my constituency, Puketapapa (or Greater Mt Roskill as I like to tell those who furrow their brows at me at this point, which to be fair is almost everyone).
  5. Puketapapa Local Board Area Source: Julie Fairey
  6. Most of the houses below are very large, lots of bedrooms and no doubt double garages and two or more bathrooms. That’s not necessarily what three storeys would be in the future, when hopefully we get smarter about smaller house footprints, going up another floor to allow for more green space around them, more housing in general. And of course multi-unit dwellings, which most of these aren’t, although many could be with a bit of thought and work.
  7. Here are the tweets, and some of the conversation that ensued. Hang in there until near the end when I’ve posted my favourite three floored building in Puketapapa (so far!



You can see the full Storify and the Twitter conversation that followed can be read here


Given the third storey has been part of the urban and suburban fabric since large cities began springing up in places like Ancient Greece, Rome and beyond what is the fuss having three storey residential buildings in both the Mixed Housing Urban Zone and the Terraced Housing and Apartment Zone given that some existing houses in those proposed zones are ALREADY three storeys.


Think a strong case of needing to get a grip is needed here.


The Missing middle  Source: Brent Toderian
The Missing middle
Source: Brent Toderian