Suggestion to @AklCouncil @AklTransport With the Santa Parade: Close Queen Street ALL Weekend

No reason to have Queen Street open to cars on a busy families and peoples weekend


Another Santa Parade has been and gone in the City Centre and again we wonder about the priorities of Auckland Council and Auckland Transport when it comes to The World’s Most Liveable City.

Again it was full fares on buses and trains yet parking was free in the Auckland Transport City Centre car parking buildings while Queen Street opened to cars at 4pm while plenty of people were still around on the street enjoying themselves.


While Paris and other EU cities work to go car free in their City Centres the car is still king of the road and all efforts must be made to restore access to the car on Queen Street right after a large family event is on.


So here are some recommendations to Auckland Council and Auckland Transport with the Santa Parade:

  1. Queen Street from Mayoral Drive to Customs Street is closed from 10pm Friday until 5am Monday (should be every weekend) to cars (emergency service and service trucks still can access the street)
  2. Buses and trains are free
  3. All City Centre parking prices controlled by Auckland Transport are doubled for the event day.


Because this below is simply embarrassing in an international City



This was earlier in the day


Come on Auckland Council and Auckland Transport let’s pull finger and catch up with other international Cities and return the City Centre (at least lower Queen Street) to the people