Presenting to Auckland Development Committee on Transform Manukau #BetterAuckland

One chapter closes as another opens


Today I will be presenting in the Public Input forum of the Auckland Development Committee on Panuku Development Auckland’s redevelopment program with specific mention of the their Transform program.

The presentation is split into two parts. The first part gives the context of the pending Panuku renewal program with Panuku will be presenting on themselves later in the Committee. The second part is on Manukau City Centre which has been short listed as one of the two Panuku ‘Transform’ centres (the other being Onehunga).


The Context


Manukau as a Transform under Panuku 


The Agenda of the Auckland Development Committee containing the Panuku Transform, Unlock and Support programs 



One chapter closes and another opens


Regardless of where things go today with the Auckland Development Committee endorsing Manukau as a Transform centre through Panuku for me my presentation today means for me a culmination of five years advocacy work. That is advocating for urban renewal in Manukau City Centre since the Council was formed in 2010 and through various plans such as the Auckland Plan and the Otara-Papatoetoe Area Plan.

Now that Manukau is listed as a Transform finally under Panuku (Transform means large scale urban renewal similar to Wynyard Quarter on the western City Centre waterfront) it means the chapter from the last five years now closes. A new chapter then opens as the South and Panuku work through to ultimately creating a Manukau City Centre Master Plan followed by that plan being executed through physical urban renewal works, physical construction of new buildings and civic infrastructure and through finally the Community making its identity on a Transform(ed) Manukau City Centre.


That said there are warnings there for we Manukau undergoes its Transform as I wrote here yesterday: Our Suburban Urbanite: The Case for Manukau City Centre. #BetterAuckland and why People Should Write the Plan


You can watch the Auckland Development Committee and my presentation live from 9:30am through the Council streaming site here:


Full reaction from the Committee will be up on Wednesday


Speaking at Council
Speaking at Council


Proposed Manukau Areas updated
Proposed Manukau Areas updated