Are You Ready For the Inorganic?

New Inorganic system to get under way


From Auckland Council:

First properties getting improved inorganic service

Bookings are now open for Auckland’s new and improved inorganic service.

Aucklanders living in the following areas are first in line for the new and improved inorganics service and will receive their inorganics flyers in the mail from today (Monday, January 25.)

Northern areas: Orewa, Beachaven, Birkenhead, Birkdale,

Western areas: Glendene, Henderson, Sunnyvale, Te Atatu South

Central areas: Hillsborough, Mt Roskill, Onehunga, Royal Oak

Southern areas:Otahuhu, Mangere Bridge, Manurewa


How the service works

Residents will have ten days to book their new and improved inorganics service from the time the flyer lands in their letterbox (the closing date will be written on the flyer).


Phone: 09 301 0101

In person: visit any service centre.

On collection day, two trucks will come to the pre-booked property – the first will take any reusable items so they can get a second life. The second truck will take the rest to landfill. Pre-used, pre-loved treasures will go to charities and community recyclers to find new homes for them instead of going to landfill.

Residents are asked to put items on their front lawn or driveway, well away from any items people don’t want us to collect. Collecting this way will mean there is less mess on streets.

Collection piles should be up to 1 cubic metre in size – about the same as a small trailer load. To find out about accepted items visit

Pre-booking ensures the council has permission to collect from inside people’s property boundaries and also means residents can let the council know if there are any access issues on the property.


When will my collection be?

Residents interested in knowing when their collection will be this year can go online at, enter their property address and see their pre-planned collection months in advance. They can book a service while they are there – even if the service is months away.

“The new customer-friendly booking process makes it easier for people to plan their collection as part of managing their waste,” says Waste Solutions Manager Ian Stupple.

Key facts:

The new and improved inorganics collection service is part of the implementation of the Waste Management and Minimisation Plan, which will help cut down the amount of waste Auckland creates by dealing with it in different ways.

Our first target is to reduce household per capita waste to landfill by 30 per cent by 2018.

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Make sure you book to have your inorganic collected