Remember your AT-HOP Monthly Will Rise 5% to $200/month from End of February

February the Fares Go Up

As reported earlier this month word was on the street that Auckland Transport was due to raise public transport fares in Auckland. While no presser has come out yet small pieces have been revealed that include the following in fare movements:


The main one is that while Child, Tertiary and 5+ Stage HOP fares do not move the AT HOP A-B Zone Monthly will go up from $190 to $200 as of the end of next month.

That is the AT HOP A-B Zone Monthly will go up some 5% while the price of fuel sits at $1.61/litre and continues to fall and the latest inflation figures were at around -0.1% (i.e DEFLATION).


So the NZTA cost index went up 0.5% yet the AT-HOP A-B Zone Monthly goes up 5%. This is while the Economy is in a state of Deflation and fuel prices continue to fall from the $1.61/litre mark.

Auckland Transport has explaining to do to public transport users when all fares should be held if not decreased


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