More Help Needed For Bikes in Schools

Council to increase funding on Active Transport mode initiative


From Auckland Council:

More Bikes in Schools needed 

Auckland Council has awarded a significant regional sports and recreation grant to the Bike On NZ Charitable Trust to help expand the highly successful Bikes in Schools programme.

“Bikes in Schools introduces primary school children to regular bike riding in a safe school setting, building a new generation of savvy cyclists who gain a love of cycling for recreation,” says Auckland Council Parks, Recreation and Sports Committee Chair, Councillor Christine Fletcher.

“Bikes in Schools already partners with Council, Auckland Transport, Auckland Regional Sports Trusts and local schools and we are very pleased to support the Trust further with a $85,000 grant.”

The organisation works with individual schools to build a series of bike tracks to teach riding and more advanced skills, as well as a pump BMX track for extra challenge and fun. A Bikes in Schools package includes a fleet of different-sized bikes, helmets, bike storage, lessons from a bike coach and cycle skills training for teachers, who continue to support the programme.

“We are delighted and very grateful for Auckland Council’s support for this important recreation and sport programme,” says Bike on NZ trustee Paul McArdle.

“We want to see more Auckland children being active in our community and riding bikes is a fun and practical way to get them started,” he says.

About community grants

Auckland Council recognises the vital role community groups and organisations play in helping Auckland become the world’s most liveable city.

Grants are one way that the council contributes to a thriving community sector, by supporting organisations to deliver a wide range of services, projects and events that benefit Aucklanders.

Council’s Community Grants Policy came into effect on 1 July 2015. This policy created a fairer, simpler and more accessible approach to accessing Council grants by introducing three main grant types:

  • Local grants, administered by local boards;
  • Regional grants for projects, activities or events that have a regional impact; and
  • Multi-board grants, for projects spanning several board areas but not the whole of Auckland.

This grant was awarded under the Sports and Recreation Regional Grants policy.


Bikes in Schools at Freemans Bay Primary Source: Auckland Council
Bikes in Schools at Freemans Bay Primary
Source: Auckland Council
Bikes in Schools - St Marys Source: Auckland Council
Bikes in Schools – St Marys
Source: Auckland Council



Auckland needs to be safe where car users can use the road efficiently BUT cyclists of any age and skill can also use the road safely to and from home, schools and businesses without fear of their safety as well.


Slowly but surely


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  1. Ben, any idea when this grant money becomes available? North Harbour Sport has run a highly successful bikes program at my school for the last few years, but no money available this year.

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