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Manukau City Centre gets TIM TAMS to help safer Cycling as part of Auckland Transport Upgrade Program

AT will be implementing minor road improvements in Auckland to make it a safer and better place to live for all Aucklanders As part of the Minor Improvements program, Auckland … Continue reading Manukau City Centre gets TIM TAMS to help safer Cycling as part of Auckland Transport Upgrade Program

Aucklanders Have Selected Their Cycleway Style Peference

Modern and smart

From Auckland Transport

Modern and distinctly NZ – what Aucklanders want for new landmark cycleway

Aucklanders have called for the surface design of the old Nelson Street off-ramp to be modern and distinctly New Zealand when it is turned into a new cycleway and walkway later this year.

862 people had their say on a short online survey, where they were able to choose from a range of options for the surface. After modern (43%) and distinctly NZ (42%), came subtle (29%), bright/bold (24%) and exciting/fun (23%).

People were also asked what would encourage them to cycle to the city centre more often. Cycleway improvements within the centre (57%) and safety (56%) were the most popular, followed by neighbourhood cycleway improvements (41%).

The old off-ramp will form part of the Nelson Street Cycle Route – a joint project of the NZ Transport Agency and Auckland Transport.

Councillor Chris Darby, the political urban design champion, says “There’s been a phenomenal response from Aucklanders, with plenty of social media chatter too. A breadth of views has been conveyed and the design team has now got a good steer to get on and deliver something that allows Auckland to shine. This project will get way more Aucklanders in the saddle, cycling their way out of congestion.”

The off-ramp was closed a decade ago and transforming it – as highlighted in the council’s City Centre Masterplan – has received strong support.  It aligns with the shared long-term vision of the NZ Transport Agency, Auckland Transport and Auckland Council to build world-class cycling infrastructure that promotes cycling as a safe and convenient mode of transport.

Brett Gliddon, the Transport Agency’s Auckland and Northland Highway Manager, says: “This project is part of a wider programme to create a well-connected network of cycle routes in Auckland over the next ten years.  It will link to the Grafton Gully cycleway to provide a continuous cycling route around the city centre and an alternative route to the city centre and the waterfront – giving cyclists more choice and better connections.”

Barbara Cuthbert, Cycle Action Auckland chair, says “We’re delighted with the response to the council’s survey, the strong public support for improved cycling connections and the prospect of a modern, distinctively NZ design and colouring on the off-ramp pavement. It’s such a smart, exciting, affordable way to enhance this landmark project.”

The new cycleway will connect to the Northwestern and Grafton Gully cycleways, providing easier and safer access to, from and within the city centre.

It will link Upper Queen Street to Nelson Street by a bridge to the old Nelson Street off-ramp. The route will continue as a cycle path along the western side of Nelson Street to Victoria Street and this part will open later this year. Phase two will continue from Victoria Street to Quay Street and will also provide a link along Pitt Street to join Karangahape Road and Union Street. Final completion is expected midway through next year.

Results from the survey:

How do you want the Nelson St off-ramp’s road surface to look?

Number %
Modern/urban 364 43
Distinctly New Zealand 355 42
Subtle/simple 248 29
Bright/bold 206 24
Exciting/fun 193 23
Other (please specify): 176 21
Unchanged/motorway grey 130 15
Geometric/abstract 119 14
Historic/classic 91 11
Words/lyrics/storytelling 84 10


How would you use the new walkway/cycle route?


Number %
Cycling 576 67
Recreation 533 62
Enjoying the environment and views 504 59
Walking or running 425 50
Exercise 384 45
Commuting to work or study 360 42
Other 62 7

What would encourage you to cycle to the city centre more often?



Number %
Cycleway improvements within the city centre 486 57
Safety 478 56
Local cycleway improvements in my neighbourhood 348 41
Cycle parking 291 34
Cycleway improvements to the city centre from the West 260 30
I already cycle regularly 185 22
Cycleway improvements to the city centre from the North 176 21
Cycleway improvements to the city centre from the South 163 19
More information about cycle routes 135 16
Cycleway improvements to the city centre from the East 129 15
Other 121 14
Nothing would get me to cycle 48 6