Council Votes to Withdraw Its #UnitaryPlan Evidence. Call For Commissioners

Call for Commissioners

It is with sad news that I report that the Council has voted 13-8 to withdraw its evidence from the Unitary Plan Rezoning Hearings. As a consequence Council is no longer represented at the Hearings and the submitters are now left stuck given we have already written our evidence for or against Councils.


As a result the Governing Body is now deemed impotent and the threat of inaction to get on top of the housing crisis looms large.


It is now a case of WHEN not if the Government will install Commissioners to replace the Governing Body in reaction to protect the economy from the housing shortfall in Auckland. A shortfall that the Reserve Bank has banged on about for a while and the Finance Minister very well knows about.


We await on the next move by the Government.


One thought on “Council Votes to Withdraw Its #UnitaryPlan Evidence. Call For Commissioners

  1. It is disappointing that the Council didn’t take the middle ground. It’s now up to the AUIHP to do so.
    The last thing we need is a repeat of the Canterbury commissioners situation.
    However the senior citizens who behaved badly at the Council meeting should be ashamed.

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