Fall Out to Yesterday’s Anti-Democratic #UnitaryPlan Vote

Government reaction swift and unforgiving


The fallout to the 13-8 vote in removing Council’s Primary Evidence from the Rezoning topic of the Unitary Plan Hearings is still being worked out. The initial consequences though are the following:

  1. The following options have been prepared to assist the Governing Body in responding to concerns about the council’s current position as set out in the evidence lodged with the Panel on 3 December 2015 and 26 January 2016.


Options Implications
Option 1

Withdraw out of scope changes from the council’s evidence


·    Addresses the concerns of some members of the public·    Results in a piecemeal approach as the evidence is completely integrated (geographic areas and in and out of scope)

·    A re-write of the expert evidence will be required; and there is no time for that to occur before the specific residential zone hearings commence on 3 March 2016.

·    Results in a major disconnect between the zoning maps and the council’s evidence

·    Disadvantages submitters who have not filed evidence on the basis they were happy with the council’s position

·    Disadvantages submitters who have spent money and time putting evidence together after reading the council’s evidence

·    No council planning witnesses to support piecemeal zoning as such an approach is contrary to planning best practice

·    No council planning witnesses there to provide a view on Housing New Zealand Corporation’s request for substantial up-zoning



Source: The Options Presented to the Governing Body Today for the #UnitaryPlan


For me personally my evidence is pretty well stuffed and needed a rewrite given Council did have out-of-scope changes in their evidence in the Manukau area. Ironically they were changes I actually agreed with as well.

Now I have asked Council for information on what is called a “274” or a tag on. What this might allow is previous non-submitters to tag on to an existing submitter when presenting to the Unitary Plan Hearings Panel. Mark Thomas (the Mayoral Candidate) did this with me at the Residential Controls hearings last year and I am willing those in live or want to submit for the South to tag on with me this time around. Once I have more on the procedures of this tag on I will post details including my evidence (after the sodding rewrite).


Government Reaction

After the 13-8 vote yesterday calls went straight out for Government to install Commissioners to replace the Governing Body. So far the Government has reacted to the vote and it is not pretty:





From Minister Dr Nick Smith:


How the Government will fully intervene is yet to be seen. However, given Three Kings and comments made by the Finance Minister over Auckland housing and the Economy the Government will not be sitting on its hands.


The vote breakdown was the following yesterday

Stick with the changes
• Mayor Len Brown
• Deputy mayor Penny Hulse
• Arthur Anae
• Bill Cashmore
• Linda Cooper
• Alf Filipaina
• Calum Penrose
• Penny Webster

• Cameron Brewer
• Cathy Casey
• Ross Clow
• Chris Darby
• Chris Fletcher
• Denise Krum
• Mike Lee
• Dick Quax
• Sharon Stewart
• John Walker
• Wayne Walker
• John Watson
• George Wood


Source: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11594924


For more on the consequences of the fall out see: Unitary Plan and the issue of “scope”.

Also here from Radio NZ: Housing vote could have serious consequences, council warned

And here:


Future Urban Land Supply Study Map Source: Auckland Council and Auckland Transport
Future Urban Land Supply Study Map
Source: Auckland Council and Auckland Transport