#UnitaryPlan Updates. Guidance Requested After Last Wednesday’s Anti Democratic Vote

Council seeks guidance, submitters are not happy


Council has released an update in regards to the Unitary Plan rezoning topic Hearings after last Wednesday’s anti-democratic vote that effectively has removed Council out of the final set of Hearings.


From Auckland Council:

Latest council communication on Unitary Plan

Published: 1 March 2016PAUP_small.jpg

Unitary Plan update

Auckland Council has submitted a memo to the Auckland Unitary Plan Independent Hearings Panel (IHP) following last week’s (24 February) Governing Body resolutions. This is now available on the IHP website here.

The memo

  • Confirms that the council no longer supports Residential Out of Scope changes proposed in the evidence filed on the council’s behalf
  • Seeks leave to withdraw all parts of evidence filed on its behalf that relate to Residential Out of Scope changes
  • Seeks guidance from the panel on matters relating to the participation of expert witnesses – acknowledging that the council’s withdrawal of parts of its evidence raises issues about the participation of these witnesses.

Next steps

  • Hearings on rezoning and precincts start on Thursday 3 March, and will last for two months
  • Zoning maps reflecting the Governing Body resolutions will be available prior to these hearings on the Independent Hearing Panel and Auckland Council websites
  • The Auckland Development Committee will be provided with an update and the Governing Body zoning maps at its meeting on 10 March
  • The Independent Hearings Panel will hear evidence on residential zoning from the other 990 non-council submitters. It will consider over 4,000 written submissions and then make recommendations on what changes should be made to the Unitary Plan in July 2016
  • Auckland Council will make decisions on these recommendation in August 2016.


Source: http://ourauckland.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/articles/news/2016/03/unitary-plan-update/


That memo from Council:



I am hearing submitters especially the big submitters are not very thrilled about last Wednesday given they are scrambling (at cost) to get their evidence back into shape ready for the Hearings to start this Thursday.


Also I see the Panel has released guidance on the Greenfield rezoning matters in which they state they do not have the time to consider the rezoning submissions for rural land (to go urban) inside the Rural Urban Boundary. I smell Government intervention coming. Tick tock, tick tock.


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  1. Pretty sure people voted in by 34% of enrolled voters is not representative of the people of Auckland but ok.

    1. Yeah, that’s sad, Harriet, but what can we do – sack the council because most people would not vote?

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