Emerging Auckland

New website tracks development in Auckland City Centre


If the level of investment, building and changes in Auckland’s main City Centre has you lost you are not the only one.

Cue Emerging Auckland, a website dedicated to tracking private and civic developments through the City Centre.


From Emerging Auckland:

Emerging Auckland

  • Emerging Auckland is a Development Tracker & ‘Urban Showcase’ recording and tracking current and proposed private construction and civic led infrastructure developments within the Auckland City Centre and City Fringe, or ‘inner Auckland’ isthmus
  • We aim to showcase the ‘emergence’ of Auckland City from the already great city it is now in early 2016, into the ‘thriving world class city’ Auckland will become between 2020-2023
  • So that you can see for yourself how these developments progress and for developers, architects and construction companies to follow progress with their projects Emerging Auckland brings together all significant city shaping private and civic led developments, planned and underway, through a series of searchable databases and development maps.  We also track and record construction progress of all city centre developments from inception through to completion with a unique photo gallery for every development!
  • Emerging Auckland also hosts an Urban Showcase, a series of specific galleries showcasing all that is great about our urban environment including inner Auckland suburbs and locations and popular city perspectives including Skyline, Waterfront, City Centre, Tangata Whenua…


Source: http://www.emergingauckland.org.nz/index.html


One to bookmark and come back to as Auckland develops through until 2023 (when the City Rail Link should commence operations).


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