Is Council and Their #UnitaryPlan Evidence Ignoring Independent Advice and Work?

Questions called on Council’s Evidence


You might have heard of the ACDC15 term being thrown around here and else where in regards to the Unitary Plan. This ACDC15 (or Auckland Council Development Capacity modelling) was designed to test the parameters of the development controls around the residential and business zones to see what impacts they have on feasible residential development. We are currently up to version 3.7 of the modelling which has been holed by the Hearings Panel as seen below.

Panel questions to Dr Fairgray on Unitary Plan modelling  Source; Twitter
Panel questions to Dr Fairgray on Unitary Plan modelling
Source; Twitter



In further events a memo had come out for the Chair of the 013 – Regional Policy Statement – Urban Growth in which David Hill (a member of the Panel) has said:


The full memo can be read below:


Council is not doing themselves exactly any favours if it is playing fast and loose with the ACDC15 work including building evidence that has not been sent back to the 013 group for review. We need the Residential provisions and spatial applications to be robust as possible if we want to get the planning right for the future of Auckland.


From what I am seeing Council is not exactly assisting the cause.


Papakura Unitary Plan Map
Papakura Unitary Plan Map



3 thoughts on “Is Council and Their #UnitaryPlan Evidence Ignoring Independent Advice and Work?

  1. Never been a fan of modelling, simply because it seems that most people take maths as truth and don’t look closely at it because numbers hurt (They hurt my head). They are thus used by many social scientists who use this to provide conclusions that average joe wont look into, however far from being axiomatic like the natural sciences the models are founded on subjective assumptions, value judgements and bias’s which allow the figures to be manipulated. Take AWHC where they assumed that parking charges would hardly increase by 2040 which is BS and tank there model if we actually look at increasing parking prices trends even since 2010. But average joe wouldn’t know to look for that assumption, they would take the numbers on faith. I greatly disagree with maths increasing role in the social sciences.

  2. Yet another example of all the hard and expensive – but futile – work around the Plan, triggered by somebody’s decision five years ago to stick a size 12 foot into a size 8 shoe. How much has the three years of ACDC modelling cost so far?

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