Fleshing Out the Issues in Manurewa-Papakura #Auckland2016

Top Three Issues cropping up


Yesterday I decided to go for a walk around the Auckland Botanical Gardens (the Elvis in the Park was on) to have a listen to what people had to say about Auckland and their communities. Mayoral Candidate Mark Thomas was also present doing his walk about while no other candidates could be seen (when I was there).


While Mark and I talked about the Unitary Plan and likely outcomes in September I was more concerned in initial thoughts of the people.


The motto and five policies platform I am testing out in the community can be seen below:

Campaign 2016 policies extra funding
Campaign 2016 policies extra funding


See: If I Was Running For Ward Councillor in #Auckland2016 #UnitaryPlan for the full five layout.


The initial reactions back were interesting”

  1. Representation issues with a Local Board (there is dysfunction with the Manurewa Local Board at the moment)
  2. Transport (both the Southern Motorway and the Southern Rail Line)
  3. Investment into Manurewa-Papakura Ward (new community facilities, parks, public transport etc)


Not sure I can do much about the first one given I live in the Papakura Local Board area of the Ward. But for the rest those other two concerns (along with housing) are bound to play out right through the year and into the election campaign period. Rates doesn’t come up yet due to Papakura taking Rates decreases between 2012 and 2015 for most of the area. However, Council spending will bound to come up somewhere along the track in which making the case clear of being prudent will need to be made.


None-the-less it was a good day in what basically started the road ahead to the elections in October.

Just waiting for candidates to promise the Earth they simply can not deliver….’