City Centre Advisory Panel Great, Now Where is our Southern Initiative Equivalent?

Second of Two Auckland Transformational Panels Lacking Still in Public Oversight


The Auckland Plan has two transformational objectives to it:

  1. City Centre upgrade
  2. The Southern Initiative


Here is the latest from the Auckland City Centre Advisory Panel:


Here is the latest on The Southern Initiative



While I can find updates to The Southern Initiative usually in the Regional Policy and Strategy Committee agendas you need to go hunt them out at the appropriate time when they report back (as little as the reporting is any how). Meanwhile the City Centre Advisory Board meets regularly and publishes updates just as regularly (at least Quarterly) for all to see (and easily find).


Something is amiss here when one transformational project has regular and easy to find oversight and the other no so regular nor easy to find.


How about we get serious with The Southern Initiative especially with Panuku Development Auckland about to drop some serious investment into the heart of The Southern Initiative, the Manukau City Centre Transform urban renewal program.

That being a Southern Initiative Advisory Panel set up like the City Centre one where it is made up of Local Boards, Councillors, the Deputy Mayor, and Southern Auckland stakeholders. The Southern Initiative Panel would meet Quarterly on an open agenda (and allows Public Forums) and updates on KPI’s and key projects provided in return. The big emphasis being an open agenda meeting as I know the former closed doors one The Southern Initiative had fallen away when Local Boards and Councillors didn’t bother turning up. At least with open public meetings we can see who is carrying the load and who is slacking off!


Accountability and democratic access is needed on our biggest social program in Auckland – The Southern Initiative


The Southern Initiative Diagram. Source: Auckland Council
The Southern Initiative Diagram.
Source: Auckland Council


Manukau City Centre Source: Auckland Plan Implementation Update 2015
Manukau City Centre
Source: Auckland Plan Implementation Update 2015