Finance and Performance Committee – April 16 – Decision Digests #AKLPols

So how are things performing and where is the money being spent?


From Auckland Council:

Building consents, funding and cladding on the Finance and Performance agenda

The council’s Finance and Performance Committee today considered updates on Auckland’s consenting figures, regional amenities progress and cladding at 135 Albert Street.

The agenda is available on Auckland Council’s website and minutes will be added once confirmed. This meeting was also webcast on the council’s website and items are available on demand.

Items 1-6 and 8 were administrative items.

Item 7: Extraordinary business

Committee chair Councillor Penny Webster proposed that parts of the 135 Albert Street cladding matter be dealt with in the open section of the meeting.
Item 9: Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Board

This item featured presentations from Surf Life Saving Northern Region, Coastguard Northern Region and the Stardome – Planetarium and Observatory on their work programmes, key achievements and aspirations for the future.

Item 10: Hobsonville Point 20ha: future land use

The committee approved to dispose of approximately 20 hectares of land located at Hobsonville Point. 

Item 11: Proposed Transfer of Land Adjacent to Lake Pokorua

The committee approved the transfer of land adjacent to Lake Pokorua in Kohekohe, noting that an iwi-based trust will assume responsibility for preservation of all cultural artefacts and management of the land, in collaboration with council. 

Item 12: Bi-monthly business improvement and performance report

The committee received a progress report on building consents and inspections.

It showed how council consents were up by 12 per cent year on year and outlined some of the steps council is taking to ensure all consents are managed.

The committee received the report.

 Item 13: Reports Pending Status update

The committee received reports highlighting the status of previous Finance and Performance Committee resolutions.

Item 14: consideration of extraordinary items

The committee was provided with a presentation on proposals to undertake remedial work on the cladding at 135 Albert Street.

The presentation detailed the building history, outlined the risks and current mitigations as well as recommending a course of action to address the issue.

Item C1: 135 Albert Street cladding

In the confidential section, the committee agreed to a budget and course of action to remediate the issue.

The specific details of the decision will remain confidential until a contractual agreement is concluded.



A following post will cover the Council HQ tower situation.