Why Banning Junk Food and/or Dairies Within 800m of a School Wont Work

Dozy policy idea should be well banned?


So there is debate going on about junk food and/or dairies not being allowed with 800 metres of a school due to the obesity situation.

Small problem.


This from Twitter on an 800m radius of schools that the ban would apply to:

So it would be only the industrial areas of Auckland only allowed to sell junk food and/or dairies? Don’t quite think business in the Town and Metropolitan Centres would be thrilled being caught in such a ban and nor would I as a consumer.


The idea of banning dairies is not a new one as covered here: Council Banning or Restricting Dairies? How About NAFF Off. As I’ve said before there are better ways of tacking obesity, banning dairies was not one of them.