Don’t Forget to Get Your Feed Back on Future Transport Options in Southern Auckland

Feedback closes May 13

Oh and yes it is a highway-fest


Do not forget you have until May 13 to get your feedback in for the Transport for Future Urban Growth Areas program by Auckland Transport.


From Auckland Transport including the Feedback link:

Transport for growth in southern Auckland

We’ve come up with a draft network of transport improvements for the south growth areas of Auckland following technical assessments and public feedback in February-March 2016. A second round of consultation is open from 15 April to 13 May 2016.

Projected growth in the southern area of Auckland

The south is the largest future urban growth area in Auckland with around 5,300 ha of land identified for urban development. This could result in 54,000 dwellings and 23,000 jobs over 30 years. The south provides a significant opportunity to leverage off the existing rail network providing future communities with good transport choices.


Existing transport projects

A number of transport projects to support growing areas in south Auckland are already complete, underway, nearing construction or well advanced in planning:

New localised transport improvements will be provided for special housing areas as they are built.

Download the committed transport projects map for south Auckland (JPG 321KB).


Potential Projects Source: Auckland Transport and NZ Government
Potential Projects
Source: Auckland Transport and NZ Government



Draft preferred transport networks

In this transport network, a key focus is increasing access to public transport, with more capacity and a well-connected rapid transit network at its heart. This would include electric trains to Pukekohe, express trains, new stations and rapid transit links, for example between the airport, Manukau, Flat Bush and Botany and a high frequency bus route between Drury and Manukau.

The plan focuses on great access to jobs, town centres and recreation within south Auckland and links to the wider region.

Another key focus for the south would be an extension of the Mill Road corridor from Manukau to Papakura and Drury. This would help improve safety, provide improved access to new growth areas and provide an additional north-south route. Connected to the Mill Road corridor is a new route to Pukekohe to improve safety or reduce congestion on SH22. An interchange with SH1 will also be further investigated at Drury South.

We’ve also identified further work is needed on how better connections between Waikato and Auckland can be provided.


Have your say

A second round of consultation on a preferred transport network for the southern area is open until 13 May 2016.

Give your feedback online or at one of our information events:

  • Thursday 21 April, 4pm to 7pm – Manukau Train Station, 42 Manukau Station Road, Manukau.
  • Wednesday 27 April, 4pm to 7pm – Drury Hall, 10 Tui Street, Drury.
  • Tuesday 3 May, 11am to 3pm, Reception Room, Auckland Town Hall, Queen Street, Central Auckland.
  • Wednesday 4 May, 4pm to 7pm – Pukekohe Town Hall, Corner Massey Avenue and Edinburgh Streets, Pukekohe.
  • Saturday 7 May, 9am to 12pm – Takanini Hall, 8 Takanini Road, Takanini.

Findings from the first round of consultation

Download the full consultation report for all future growth areas (PDF 4.5MB, 164 pages).

Feedback for the first round of consultation closed on 3 March 2016. The objective to understand the current and future transport movements and resident views on the potential network improvements for the southern area of Auckland.

  • Improvements to public transport services in the area were considered highly desirable. In particular there was a call for improvements to rail services, including introduction of express services, extension of the rail network beyond Pukekohe, additional stations along the existing route (eg. at Paerata), further electrification of the network through to Pukekohe and beyond and more park and ride facilities. There was a clear preference to spend and invest on public transport in the area and rail, rather than bus services, was seen as the key focus.
  • Support for improvements to public transport services came both from residents and businesses.
  • There was also support for improved road connections to reduce congestion on the Southern Motorway, such as by providing an alternative north-south route (eg. to the airport and the west via Weymouth and/or extension of the Mill Road corridor), or widening of the existing Southern Motorway. Reducing travel times was considered the highest priority and an alternative route was preferred as the best way to improve roads to achieve this. Others suggested that increasing rail freight services in the area would reduce the number of trucks needed to move freight by road in the area, therefore helping to address congestion.
  • While most comments and feedback focussed on public transport and road networks, there was a small number of comments regarding improvements to walking and cycling facilities in the area, including pedestrian and cycle access and connections to railway stations.
  • Many participants were sceptical that only 20% of morning work trips would be further north than Manukau and the airport; trip data collected as part of the consultation suggested the Auckland CBD is a key destination for those living in the south.


You said: provide us with fast, express public transport with good facilities throughout the southern area.

So we have:

  • Identified 4 new stations at Drury, Drury West, Paerata and Tironui.
  • Identified electric trains between Pukekohe and Papakura.
  • Identified rail upgrades to provide for express trains.
  • Identified a high frequency bus service connection between Drury, Hingaia, Takanini and Manukau, and walking/cycling link between Papakura Station and Hingaia.
  • Connected to the proposed Rapid Transit Link from the Airport to Manukau, Flat Bush and Botany.


You said: improve safety and capacity of the current state highway network.

  • Identified capacity improvements on SH1 between Papakura and Drury South. Public transport improvements, the Mill Road upgrade and the identified Pukekohe expressway will also reduce pressure on the existing network.
  • Identified short term safety improvements on SH22.


You said: extend the Mill Road corridor further south to Drury and beyond.

So we have identified extending the Mill Road upgrade to Papakura, Drury and Pukekohe (through a Pukekohe expressway).


You said: you want Takanini to be easy and safe to get around and link well to the wider network.

So we have improved safety on the rail corridor by separating rail crossings and providing three east-west connections to be developed to support growth.


You said: provide a road link between Karaka and Weymouth.

Not included this connection at this time as it is inconsistent with the Auckland Council Future Urban Land Supply Strategy. A Karaka-Weymouth
connection may be considered if Karaka North and Karaka West are urbanised or if there were sufficient strategic reasons to include it beyond
serving the growth of future urban zones in south Auckland.




As you might have noticed despite the mention of public transport improvements (and these are doubtful in effectiveness at best without wider considerations) a lot of focus is still on roads like a new expressway to Pukekohe and the northern section of the Mill Road corridor which will only get jammed in a couple of years time defeating the purpose.



Carpooling and public transport if you want to “beat” congestion not more lanes or even new expressways.