@DevelopmentAKL Needs a #TransformManukau Quick Win. Let’s Build Apartments/Mixed Use and a Square!

Davis Avenue site has potential for residential and a Square


With the Transform Manukau urban renewal program getting under-way in Manukau we (including Panuku Development Auckland) need a quick win to demonstrate to the community and business/development sector that things are going to be serious for South Auckland’s heart?


And how best to do that? Apartments and a public square on Council car parking land?


Where you might say? 14 Davis Avenue which is that 1.05ha of car parking land north of the Manukau Interchange (red) and other future development site (blue):

Davis Avenue first project potential
Davis Avenue first project potential


The area fits in with the Davis Avenue Axis that Panuku want to get off the ground to kick start the first major redevelopment in Manukau as seen below:

Davis Avenue potential axis Source: Panuku
Davis Avenue potential axis
Source: Panuku


Panuku is suggesting a mix of office and residential separately. Given we are short on residential and no so yet with office I would go Mixed Use on the entire site with a common plaza in the middle.

By mixed use I mean:

  • Ground floor and first floor: retail and hospitality
  • Floors 2-8: Office
  • Floors 9 and above: apartments


Get maximum bang for your buck out of a building (multiplied by up to four separate buildings that could fit on the site) through full mixed use all connected by frontage along Davis Avenue and two full “laneways” north and south connecting to Putney Way and Amersham Way. The square or plaza in the middle would be a common space even with a playground for people to enjoy the outdoors (place for temporary markets?) in even with Hayman Park just across the road. Of course all parking would be under the buildings for efficient land use.


If done right these new buildings, square and lane-ways should be fully operational by 2020 giving a quick development win in Manukau City Centre (as well as wins for residential, recreation and commercial space).


What say you Panuku?


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