If in the Manukau Mall, Top Up Your HOP Card #MovingAuckland

AT places HOP machine in convenient location


I noticed it the other week in Manukau Mall but didn’t get a picture of it. No matter Auckland Transport did with the following comment:

New AT HOP Top-up machine

You can now top-up your AT HOP card at Manukau mall. If you walk through the foodcourt from the bus stops, you’ll notice our top-up machine behind Jamaica Blue.

You can also top-up your AT HOP card online, at AT HOP retailers, at train stations, Northern Busway top-up machines or at our Customer Service Centres.

For more information visit our website.

AT HOP in Manukau Mall
AT HOP in Manukau Mall Source: Auckland Transport



Excellent to see from Auckland Transport. Do your shopping, have some food and if need be top up your HOP Card for the bus or train trip home and avoid that congestion!

Nice work AT and Scentre (Operators of Westfield Manukau)