Global Transit Innovations: The Future of U.S. Transit is in Regional Place-Making (Part I)



This blog post explains why justifying transit projects mainly on the basis of serving mobility needs is a bad idea, and why the future of transit will largely be shaped by our ability to create a …

Source: The Future of U.S. Transit is in Regional Place-Making (Part I)



Lessons for Auckland?

Given the blog post linked is meant to be a two parter (second part was not out at the time I wrote this) the ultimate lessons will be drawn after reading part-two. But in the interim with part one lessons in the States can be applied here.


With Auckland and using mass transit (public transport) we have three regional hubs and eight sub regional hubs. The three regional hubs are the City Centre, Manukau City Centre and Albany Metropolitan Centre. The eight sub regional hubs are the other eight Metropolitan Centres (Westgate, Henderson, New Lynn, Sylvia Park, Botany, Papakura and Takapuna). All but Takapuna, Botany and Westgate are reached by a rapid transit system whether it be rail or the Northern Busway (Albany). Future plans have Westgate and Botany connected by a busway or Light Rail system meaning only Takapuna is left out of the rapid transit grid. The Airport should be connected by heavy rail sooner rather than later as well.


So already we have the bones there with our mass transit connecting to most of our regional and sub regional centres of Auckland. The City Rail Link despite what some on the Right think (see Tweet below) will strengthen those bones and allow those bones to reach out and link up the Airport, Botany and indirectly Westgate.

With the Southern Motorway and roading network packed up owing a truck striking the Penrose Road bridge again cruising on the Southern Line home is a reason why I take the trains to and from town.


Anyhow as I said earlier our City Centre(s) and Metropolitan Centres are mostly connected to some form of rapid transit system with any that are not due to be connected in the future. So the question with place making then is how to connect the local areas up rapid transit spines where the City Centre and Metropolitan Centres sit. Will the transit links be used as a development tool or as a transportation tool?


More when Part Two comes out.