Palino’s Vision for Auckland? More Like Another Right Wing Rant of Len Brown

Right wing continues split and angry rants


What is it with the Auckland Right in Auckland being so negative, so ranty, so incoherent (apart from Mark Thomas) and blaming everything on Len Brown is not even standing again after his two terms?

While we had this yesterday with Auckland Future planning to stand against incumbent Councillor George Wood over in the North Shore (A National MP today said Auckland Future does not have universal support in the party. “They are burning more bridges than they are building,” said the MP, who did not want to be named – Auckland Future announces North Shore ward candidates) we also had Mayoral candidate John Palino release some 97 pages of manifesto of his vision of Auckland.


In short? 97 pages of rant, whinge and blaming Len Brown for everything while putting policies forward that honestly would never fly nor be viable.

In long? Well getting the City Rail Link name right would be a start but if you want to read all 97 pages here it is below:


Code of Conducts, Council Fiscal Responsibility Frameworks, rejigging the Unitary Plan, giving Auckland Transport a boot up the backside are all things even moderate Right Wing Councillors such as Cooper, Penrose, Cashmore, Wood, Webster and even Quax would have carried with them into an election (rather than a cumbersome Fiscal Pledge from Auckland Future). It would have also been things I would have seriously checked out for viability to see if it is worth voting for. But when those things are caught up in constant Len Brown rants, getting the staff numbers question wrong (again) (see: Staff Costs at Auckland Council: The Real Numbers) and knocking things off that are getting Auckland untangled (cycle ways and the CRL) I can easily see why the previously mentioned Councillors would not go anywhere near Palino’s “vision” and I would be totally put off to the point going nowhere near it with that 6ft barge pole.


Real Staff costs Source: Supplied
Real Staff costs
Source: Supplied



So the mayoral race? Goff and Thomas in all seriousness if you want quality debate and the fringe (and jargon) left out as we get closer to October.


Crone wont debate Source: NZ Herald
Crone wont debate
Source: NZ Herald