Crone Can’t Distinguish Between the ATAP and NZCID Report on Planning

Ummm lulwut?


I struggle to take anyone seriously who can not tell the difference between the official Auckland Transport Alignment Program (ATAP) (see: Transport Minister and Auckland Mayor Present Transport Accord. Questions Asked #AKLPols) and a report done by the NZ Council of Infrastructure Development (see: NZCID’s scary views on transport in Auckland and as Mayoral candidate Victoria Crone did last night.


Here was the presser:

Serious shake-up needed for Auckland’s transport planning

Auckland Mayoral Candidate Victoria Crone says transport reports released today highlight the need for a serious shake up of Auckland’s approach to planning and investment.

An Automobile Association survey released today found 78 per cent of Aucklanders now see traffic congestion as Auckland’s number one problem, even above housing affordability. Underlying these congestion frustrations were stories of people having no other option than travelling by car.

This increasing reliance on vehicles was echoed in today’s Auckland Transport Alignment Project (ATAP) report which raised big questions about council’s approach to transport and housing planning.

The ATAP report presents examples of planning gaps that will only exasperate current congestion issues. They include:

  • The current Unitary Plan provisions only allow increased intensification around 50 per cent of our main rail lines but this should be much higher

  • High residential growth is permitted along the Pakuranga Highway corridor but it’s not serviced by the proposed AMETI busway. Highland Park development can go up to six storeys but there are no viable public transport options in the area and none planned

  • There is no development supported around the well-running Northern bus route but there is development permitted along the congested Glenfield Rd corridor and at Birkenhead and Northcote where no rapid transit is accessible

  • At Te Mahia Station the old Manukau Golf Club received consent for less than 500 homes, including a retirement village. Contrast that to a similar sized block in Silverdale north with consent for 680 and a slightly larger site in Huapai for 2000, despite neither having access to quality public transport

  • There is no intensification planned around the proposed light rail project.


Source of the bullet points comes from page 41 onwards of the NZCID report linked above, NOT the ATAP by NZTA, Auckland Transport and the Ministry of Transport.


I do not think NZCID, AT, NZTA and MoT will be particularly impressed a Mayoral candidate backed by a wing of the National Party can not distinguish between an official document (the ATAP) and a lobby group’s document (NZCID)… I wouldn’t be that is for certain.


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