Manukau – South Auckland to Hold Its First Ever Graduation Ceremony

MIT to hold procession in Manukau


The news that MIT will hold a dedicated Tertiary Graduation Procession in Manukau City Centre, the first of its kind ever in South Auckland’s history brought a smile to my face.

From Stuff:

MIT to host South Auckland’s first graduation procession

 Last updated 12:14, May 19 2016

Graduates are set to parade South Auckland streets for the very first time.

The first-ever graduation procession in the area will take place on May 27 as 1072 students graduate from Manukau Institute of Technology.

The march will start at 9.30am at the central Manukau campus and parade through the town centre before returning to the campus for speeches.

MIT chief executive Dr Peter Brothers says the procession represents a coming of age for South Auckland.

“It’s a fantastic achievement. The procession is a demonstration of the increasing numbers of people in South Auckland earning an education and entering the workforce,” he says.

“The skills and knowledge developed by this year’s graduates will help continue to improve the future of South Auckland.”




I have family graduating from their Early Childhood Education program that day so will be definitely along to see the procession, hear the speeches then seeing my sister-in-law capped.


A proud day for Manukau, a proud day for the South and of course a proud day for my sister-in-law.

MIT and AUT in Manukau; improving the quality of life of the people of the South and enabling them to increase their economic participation.


The Manukau Interchange works with MIT and Manukau Rail Station in the background
The Manukau Interchange works with MIT and Manukau Rail Station in the background