“Thought of the Day:” All Those “Thought Leader” Talks – A Parody

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A good friend and mentor linked me this video on those TEDx talks (and probably a few others like it) that we see from time to time:

Source: http://digg.com/video/ted-talk-parody


A good parody is one that strikes awfully close to home and the above parody is.

I like to think of myself as an engaged citizen where I both listen and both provoke thoughts or teach others. Thus when giving presentations nine out of ten times the presentation is there to both provoke thoughts and teach others they might have not known. I am not here presenting so you all agree as I am not some salesman nor (and somewhat ironically) a lawyer nor politician.

As the parody illustrated above with TEDx talks it seems most talks are there to get people to agree rather than provoke actual thought and teach (learn). It is also probably why I would metaphorically nod off in boredom with such talks delivered in a TEDx format that can cross over sometimes into Auckland Conversations pieces (hence I switch off about a quarter of the way through).


When I go to these “talks” I want to be provoked into original thought and learn something I might not have known. When I give such a talk I want to provoke original thoughts and teach others what they might have not known. I do not want to sit there head bobbing in agreement (I can read a book for that) nor do I want my audience to do the same.

The purpose of the talk (and a mission of this blog when not translating press releases) is to engage and provoke those thoughts.




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Speaking at Council