Auckland Transport to Miss Bus Patronage Targets

4% miss and Auckland Transport has no clue why


An article out from Radio New Zealand’s Todd Niall shows that Auckland Transport will miss the public transport patronage figures for busses by 4% despite rail growing over 12% and more. What makes the situation more ironic and salt to the wounds of jilted bus users is that Auckland Transport continues to trot out the excuses in not knowing why.


Here the latest from Niall below:


I can easily tell you why patronage is going down for busses:

  1. Lack of bus lanes and those bus lanes that are there are not enforced or long enough so busses get stuck in general traffic
  2. Busses full. Seeing the seventh bus in a row go by saying bus full on a wet winter’s day is enough to send even the most hardy back to their cars
  3. Fares are too high
  4. Lack of customer service from Auckland Transport. Simply put they see the passenger as a nuisance rather than a paying customer. The current Super Gold AT-HOP situation which is both confusing the Super Gold card holders and putting them out-of-pocket $15 being prime examples of first class customer service
  5. Lack of information on whether services are running on time, late or not at all


Even with integrated fares and the New Bus Network rolling out unless the above five problems are fixed the new network and fare structure will mean nothing.

So why is it so hard for Auckland Transport to deal with these problems that have been festering for years? New blood and fresh thinking needed at the top?


Some variations of the roads with bus/taxi lanes in the Night Club district.
Some variations of the roads with bus/taxi lanes in the Night Club district.