Auckland Transport and Papakura Local Board Proceeding with new Walkway Shelter

Sheltered Walkway moving to consenting stage


From Auckland Transport

Progress on Papakura’s new covered walkway

17/06/2016 01:53 p.m.

Significant progress has been made on the modern covered 250-metre walkway to link Papakura Train Station to the town centre.

The final design is now complete and the team has applied for a building consent.

The joint project between Papakura Local Board and Auckland Transport proposes the construction of the covered walkway along Railway Street West and Averill Street (to the mid-block pedestrian crossing).

It will provide residents and commuters with more shelter and improved access between the Papakura Library and Museum, the Papakura Art Gallery, the train station, and businesses in the town centre.

The roll-out of the new public transport network for south Auckland by the end of 2016 will see more frequent and better synchronised bus and train journeys. It will allow people to simply turn up and go and no longer need to plan journeys around a timetable. More people are expected to use Papakura Station and the covered walkway will provide additional shelter for pedestrians and commuters walking to and from the station.

Papakura Local Board Chair Bill McEntee says the Local Board has listened to feedback from the community, which has shown support for a safer and more accessible connection from the train station to the town centre.

“We have taken on board public feedback and are utilising our Local Board Transport Capital Fund for this project. We want to transform Papakura into a metropolitan centre and to make it easier and more comfortable for people to use the train station to get to the town centre.

“Papakura is one of the fastest growing areas in Auckland and its train station is one of the busiest in the city. We need to plan for future growth and improve access to the train station.”

Auckland Transport says the walkway has been designed to accommodate custom built panels into the structure that could include images, electronic displays and carved art-work.

Construction of the walkway is expected to start next month and will take about six weeks to complete.

Find out more about the Papakura covered walkway.




Papakura Walkway Pedestrian Crossing On Averill St
Papakura Walkway Pedestrian Crossing On Averill St  Source: Auckland Transport


Railway Street West seating bay Source: Auckland Transport
Railway Street West seating bay
Source: Auckland Transport


Excellent to see this progress giving people like families and our seniors a sheltered travel route from Papakura Station to the town centre.

If Auckland Transport are starting the walkway next month it should be ready by Christmas.


Thank you AT and Papakura Local Board.