Newman Three Years Late For Wanting New Bus Route in Conifer Grove #Auckland2016

I do not believe in giving false hopes

Also reeks of campaigning


It seems the ex Manurewa Local Board Chair, the current Manurewa Local Board Chair and a current member of the Papakura Local Board (who is seeking reelection this year) have been out complaining about lack of bus services with the New South Auckland Bus Network due to start in October.

From the Papakura Courier:

Residents call for Conifer Grove bus

NIGEL MOFFIET – Last updated 16:16, June 20 2016

The wheels on the bus aren’t going around one South Auckland community.

Former Manukau City councillor and Manurewa Local Board member Daniel Newman has made a submission to Auckland Transport, on behalf of Conifer Grove residents, for a bus service in the area.

Conifer Grove has “unfairly been left off the network” and that should be addressed, Newman says.

“At its furthest point, residents in Walter Strevens Dr and Brylee Dr live a long way from bus stops situated on Great South Rd.

“If we are to increase public transport patronage and lift more vulnerable people such as our elders out of social isolation, extending public transport services to all parts of our community ought to be a high priority,” he says.

Resident Kevin Arthurhas lived in Conifer Grove for 30 years and says a bus service is in “everyone’s interest”.

Arthur, who works as a real estate agent, says many people won’t buy in the area because there is no public transport.

Fellow resident Helen Gunter says she relies on her car to get around and do her shopping.

“If I didn’t drive I don’t know what I’d do… I’m sure there are other people like me,” she says.

Auckland Transport new network communications lead Sharleen Pihema says consultation on bus routes in the area was carried out in 2013.

The area has a “low opportunity to increase patronage” but a service will be investigated once the housing development at the Manukau Golf Course gets underway, she says.

The nearest bus service for Conifer Grove residents is the Great South Rd 471, 472 and weekend 473 service which runs every 15 minutes, 7am to 7pm.

A bus service in the area stopped more than five years ago, she says.

“While we recognise it may be some distance for residents to access this service, by diverting this service to detour through these streets makes it less attractive for those travelling elsewhere on the route.”


Auckland Transport is launching new South Auckland bus networks in October.

Although there will be no service in Conifer Grove there will be a number of new services in the area.

*Service 33 from Papakura station to Otahuhu station via Great South Rd.

*Service 365 from Manukau to Papakura via Homai, Manurewa, Randwick Park, Takanini station and Porchester Rd.

*Service 371 from Takanini station to Papakura station via Bruce Pulman Park, Cosgrave Rd and Old Wairoa Rd.

*Service 372 from Papakura station to Dominion Rd via Willis Rd and Sheehan Ave and return via Clevedon Rd.

*Service 373 from Red Hill to Papakura station via Settlement Rd

*Service 374 from Opaheke to Papakura via Boundary Rd.

*Service 376 from Drury to Papakura station.

*Service 377 from Rosehill to Pahurehure to Papakura.

*Service 378 from Karaka Harbourside to Papakura station

*Go to for more information




I am not sure why Newman is giving the people of Conifer Grove false hopes when the consultation for the New South Auckland Bus Network was done back in 2013. Auckland Transport have set the tenders for the new routes with the new bus companies due to start plying these routes in October (once the Otahuhu Bus/Train Interchange is open). It would have been the idea back in 2013 to agitate for a service in Conifer Grove (an extension of the 371 from Takanini Station into Conifer Grove) when Auckland Transport were saying ‘No’ to it at the time. Given the 371 and 365 routes were altered due to consultation and hearings (two routes I submitted on for changes which were mainly executed) Auckland Transport were listening. Auckland Transport have also said in the post consultation report (and it shows on the maps) that the 371 would be altered when demand and new housing developments are present. When the 371 thus comes up for that review (most likely 2018 when Addison and the new development next to the SAS base is complete) this is when I would push AT to go with the extension into Conifer Grove.

Also Takanini Station needs a serious upgrade too so I would get that upgrade that would include some bus bays done first before extending the 371 to Conifer Grove.


What Newman is doing reeks of campaigning and missing out key facts that would give people potentially false hopes. This is something I would not do to people meaning the truth even though it might not be one that goes down well. While no hope is certainly not pleasant false hopes is even worse.

Also to Papakura Local Board Member Katrina Winn; I would not poo-poo the 40 people who gave feed back to the New South Auckland Bus Network given AT altered the routes to their feedback for the most part. But rather as a Local Board member one should be doing everything they can to make sure that a consultation round with Auckland Transport is communicated as far and wide as possible. That certainly did happen with the recent Transport for Future Urban Growth consultation held recently (what AT does with it is another post entirely).


New bus lanes on a 4 lane road.
New bus lanes on a 4 lane road.