Innovative Solutions to Transport: Using What We Have

False hopes on driverless things on rubber wheels


This particular tweet caught my attention:


Bit cheeky but no mater how you spin it a car whether it has a human driver or computer driving it a car takes up the same amount of space to move at best four people. This is compared to this situation here:


Remembering one of our EMU’s:

EMU savings


So when you hear people like mayoral candidate Victoria Crone talking about “innovative” solutions to our traffic woes (translation: I have no idea) remember to point her to those above pictures. Also remember trains whether heavy or light rail can go driverless like the Vancouver Sky Train and have been able to go driverless for a long time.

Our Light Rail whether on the Isthmus or the Botany Line can go driverless while our EMU’s on the heavy rail network can be easily upgraded to go driverless as well. The technology is already there.

And with electric bikes becoming mainstream (and affordable) the “last-mile” connector between home/work and mass transit network becomes more easily in reach.


Forget the techno-babble with driverless cars that might never work out like telecommuting touted since the 1960’s. Trust and invest in proven technology already present with e-bikes, light and heavy rail and of course the electric bus.