The Port Future Study Final Report #AKLPols

Recommends move – OVER TIME


The much awaited Port Future Study has been released into next weeks Auckland Development Committee Agenda for public viewing. You can see the report as an attachment at the bottom of the post.

But from the Port Future Study group first:

Port Future Study recommends pathway to move port be established

The independent Port Future Study’s Consensus Working Group has today released its final recommendations on a strategy to accommodate Auckland’s long-term freight and cruise.

After a twelve-month study, the 16 member Consensus Working Group (CWG) recommends that a port relocation option for freight be established and if that option is exercised then cruise should stay in the city centre.

The Study recommends the investigation of two areas that have potential for a large-scale port – the Manukau Harbour and on the western coast of the Firth of Thames. Further detailed investigation would be required before a specific area is decided.

This includes long-term engineering requirements, navigability, impact on land-side transport strategy, funding and ownership models, and proper consideration of Treaty of Waitangi settlement processes and mana whenua aspirations.

The group also recommends the regular monitoring of relocation triggers that would commit Auckland to executing a move of the port based on future growth and capacity demands or social, environmental, cultural and economic factors.

Chair of the independent Study, Dr Rick Boven says the diverse membership of the CWG and wider Reference Group brought different perspectives to the table but together a consensus view was reached.

“It’s been a complex exercise but we believe we have agreed on the best strategy to balance long-term economic, cultural, social and environmental outcomes.

“The Study has found that the existing port is likely to reach capacity in the long-term if freight and cruise demands continue on current projections and that other North Island ports are unlikely to be able to cope with all of Auckland’s long-term trade task alongside their own growth.

“Due to the planning and construction lead times involved, decisions regarding large impacts and high costs must be made soon in the face of significant uncertainties about the future”.

“The Port Future Study recognises that there is a need to secure sufficient berth length in the short-to-medium term to cope with the increase in multi-cargo volumes and ongoing growth in the size and the frequency of cruise ship visits.

“Subject to ensuring sufficient berth lengths and the confirmation of a location option, the port should not expand beyond its current footprint”, says Dr Boven.

The Port Future Study recommendations will be received by the council’s Auckland Development Committee on 6 July.



Further Information – CWG and EY reports are available

The agenda of the ADC:

 About the Port Future Study

The Port Future Study was commissioned by Auckland Council in 2015 and has been a broad and independent project to recommend a strategy for how Auckland can best accommodate its long term trade and cruise needs.

The Study included members representing business, industry, mana whenua, iwi, environmental advocacy and community groups. More information on its membership is available on the Port Future Study website.

Dr Rick Boven will present the Port Future Study recommendations to the Auckland Development Committee on Wednesday 6 July – Level 2, Auckland Town Hall. The meeting is public and will also to watch online.

The proceedings of ADC meeting will be streamed here Wednesday 6 July:





I will have a read of the report over the weekend and run commentary on the study and reactions from Monday.


Port of Auckland area investigation Source: Port Future Study Group
Port of Auckland area investigation
Source: Port Future Study Group


The Future Port Study

Port Future Study final report

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