Auckland Transport Demonstrates Why the 8-80 City Is a Long Way Off

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It has only been a week since Auckland Transport themselves sponsored the last Auckland Conversations presentation on how to become an 8-80 City. That is a City that is safe to navigate with high amenity public spaces for an eight or eighty year old person. You can see my take on that insofar as the parks system needing reformatting to assist Auckland become an 8-80 City here: Park System in Auckland Needs to be Flexible #BetterAuckland UPDATED with Video Stream.


But while our park system needs reformatting Auckland Transport go and do this outside a school with the transport system:


That is outside a primary school in the Hobsonville area where the new Hobsonville Point residential development is going.


It is a clear demonstration on Streets versed Roads: Why Engineers Should Not Design Them But People Should especially around a school. And we wonder why parents are likely to drop their kids off in cars rather than allow the kids to walk, cycle or catch the bus when Auckland Transport continuously over-engineer roads like the example above.

If we are to be ever serious about becoming an 8-80 City then a culture change is needed at Auckland Transport where the people are first and the car is last. I highly recommend to the AT engineers to read this: How to Use OUR Street Space Efficiently While Being Pro-People?  and this A True 8-80 City From the Outset. before signing off on any more over-engineered road-fests.


Auckland Transport should never be afraid of the boulevard
Auckland Transport should never be afraid of the boulevard