The #UnitaryPlan Recommendations – The Initial Lowdown. UPDATED with Recommendations Overview

What did the Panel put forward


These are raw initial notes on the 1000 pages of Unitary Plan recommendations. I will be doing full write ups from tomorrow through to Decision Day in the 19th of August.

For more on the Recommended Auckland Unitary Plan see: and here


The Initial Lowdown

  • Reports on:
    • Capacity modelling which was pinged hard by the Hearings Panel in the Topic 013 Regional Policy Statement – urban growth hearings
    • The Rural Urban Boundary
    • The Zones
    • Rest of the 58 topics
  • Panel believes of objective policies with the Unitary Plan
  • Unitary Plan has been reformatted with a new Infrastructure chapter
  • Unitary Plan still goes on Auckland Plan’s compact city ideals
  • Panel recommends that the 60:40 Brownfield : Greenfield development split per the Auckland Plan
  • Most of the PAUP is endorsed by the Panel
  • Key change: spatial extent of the zones
  • Panel has clearly highlighted with their recommendations what was from In and Out of Scope evidence
  • Need to read the recommendations ALONGSIDE the Recommended Auckland Unitary Plan (RAUP)
  • Capacity Modelling
    • Based on a measurement rather than a forecast or limit
  • Panel has removed the Metropolitan Urban Limit 2010 references and uses existing urban area as of 2010
  • Panel seems to have juggled the spatial extent of the zones to allow over-supply of dwellings through to 2040. Panel rather prefers an over-supply of housing and supporting infrastructure. Council had been dead against this with infrastructure being in surplus mode
  • Panel has recommended to allow 422,000 dwellings rather than 400,000 as Council had written in its plans
  • Panel has also recommended more Future Urban Zone be flipped to live urban zones fast as possible
  • Residential Zones remains as is
  • Greater Spatial application of the Terraced Housing and Apartment Building and Mixed Housing Urban zones
  • Walking Catchment changed from 200-400m to 800 metres
  • No Density Controls remain as in PAUP as well as the Mixed Housing Suburban Zone
  • Minor Dwellings allowed again in Single House Zone
  • 47% increase in the Mixed Housing Urban Zone applications across the City
  • 25% increase in the THAB zone applications across the City
  • Increase in General Business Zone (used for large format retail)
  • Manukau City Centre Metropolitan Centre Zone to be expanded taking in the Manukau Supa Centre which was originally General Business Zone
  • Southern Auckland to have its General Business Zone reduced for expansion of Local Centres and the Manukau Metropolitan Centre Zone
  • Increase in Countryside Living Zone especially in the North West
  • More Future Urban Zone especially in Southern Auckland
  • Parking Minimums removed from:
    • City Centre
    • Metropolitan Centres
    • All Centres
    • Mixed Use Zone
    • Terraced Housing and Apartment Zone
  • Pre 1944 Overlay recommended to be removed
  • Framework Plans not to be needed



The recommendations and presentation material will be uploaded later in the day.

As I said this is the initial lowdown. I will be offline for most of the rest of the day and I work my way through some very significant changes through the recommendations.


The Recommendations (Overview)




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