#UnitaryPlan Day. What to Expect

Day’s proceedings


Today is when the 1000 pages of recommendations towards a reformatted Unitary Plan goes out into the public realm for all to see after two years of hearings.

This is how today will go and go for the blog:

  1. Councillors are briefed on the recommendations, the reformatted Unitary Plan and its maps at 9:30
  2. 12:15-1:30 Media are briefed and embargoed
  3. 1:30 the recommendations and recommended version of the Unitary Plan hit the Council website: http://www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/EN/planspoliciesprojects/plansstrategies/unitaryplan/Pages/home.aspx
  4. From 1:30 media and blogs can begin their reporting on the recommendations of the Unitary Plan


I will be taking notes in the briefing tomorrow and writing up a preliminary report on how the recommendations have been received. From there I will be “offline” for the rest of the day as I knuckle down and read the recommendations myself. This is because as a submitter I would to see at least what the Panel has recommended and how it will affect Southern Auckland once the Unitary Plan goes live next month.

From Thursday I’ll be running point with how the recommendations affect the South if Council adopts those recommendations.


As for Appeals

There are limited rights of appeal. The parts of the plan the council accepts can’t be appealed, except on points of law in the High Court.

If the council rejects one of the panel’s recommendations, anyone who made a submission on that topic can appeal to the Environment Court.

If the council accepts a recommendation that is outside of submissions made to the panel, anyone can appeal to the Environment Court if they will be unduly prejudiced by that decision. The appeal period closes on September 16.


Source: http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/82493180/aucklands-unitary-plan-to-be-released-what-does-it-all-mean


Manukau Unitary Plan ammended res zones evidence 2
Manukau Unitary Plan amended res zones evidence 2