TRAMS in Layton City #CitiesSkylines

Trams now running through parts of Layton City providing a higher capacity surface transit routes where busses would otherwise get overwhelmed.

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Light rail finally surfaces

With the continued expansion of the heavy rail network in Layton City the question was asked would light rail have any place in the City?

The answer is yes it does as heavy rail is more for fast regional connections between Centres while light rail tackles more local routes where busses can not cope with the numbers.

So I have started rolling out the light rail system which now consists of seven lines as of yesterday. If you are wondering what the purpose of my subway system is it acts like the surface heavy rail system in moving large amounts of passengers. Although the station stops with the subway are closer and given the only above ground bit is the station it saves land space for development unlike heavy rail.

Let’s take a look at some trams shall we:


  • Bus: 40-135 passengers @ 90km/h
  • Trams:…

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