Heavy Rail Moving the Cims #CitiesSkylines

Using the heavy rail system for commuter rail (usually used solely for freight) is paying off as I am able to connect multiple Centres and the City Centre together so people can take an uncongested route to their destination.

To make the heavy rail system fully effective the rail stations (given their distances apart) will have a bus station and often a tram line and/or subway line next to them. This allows the rail passengers to transfer to a short distance transit line to move about the Centre area.

Effectively what Auckland should be doing.

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Heavy rail system delivers the goods

When Cities Skylines first came out the heavy rail system was more optimised for moving freight or inter-city passengers rather than commuters. Commuters were best to use the busses or subway system if they wished to use transit to get around..

With After Dark and Snowfall DLC’s as well as a few transport mods to sharpen up game play heavy rail has become the favoured choice in moving the most amount of commuters over long distances across a Cities Skylines map.

Sound familiar?

I have blogged at Talking Southern Auckland how a transit system has a hierarchy for people moving efficiency:

  • Short distances and feeders: bus
  • Medium distances: Light Rail (and subway)
  • Long Distances most often regional or high-capacity short distance shuttling: Heavy Rail

The same principle applies to Cities Skylines as well although a subway line can span the same distance as a…

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