LGOIMA on Airport Rail, and #TransformManukau With Council

Official Information Act requests on two core projects


While the election campaigns are under way I am still keeping tabs on two projects (which have consequences to Papakura in any case) which now have Local Government Official Information and Meeting Act (LGOIMA) requests on them. The two LGOIMA’s being on an update on Transform Manukau by Panuku Development Auckland, and the Airport Line via Otahuhu which was considered but quickly disregarded by Auckland Transport despite initial economics stacking in its favour.


The Airport Line via Otahuhu LGOIMA is the following:

Dear Auckland Transport,

I would like to request all the information concerning the Airport Line rail case to date please that includes the following:

1) Benefit Cost Ratios and analysis for Light Rail to the Airport
2) Benefit Cost Ratios and analysis for Heavy Rail from Onehunga to the Airport via Mangere

3) All information and analysis to date on heavy rail from Otahuhu to the Airport via Mangere
3a) Any initial costs of construction and land acquisition if this option were to proceed
3b) Estimated time of construction
3c) Suggestive operation patterns and frequencies servicing this line
3d) Why was this option dismissed out of hand early on rather than given full analysis like options 1 and 2 despite having a better benefit cost ratio as suggested here: (see pictures above)

I look forward to your reply


Source: FYI.org


Auckland Transport are due to reply fully by September 22.



Transform Manukau


There had been a few rumblings on a particular project in the Transform Manukau area administered by Panuku. As a result I sent a LGOIMA off to Panuku asking:

Local Government Information and Meetings Act Subject: Status Update on Transform Manukau project


In April 2016 the Auckland Development Committee gave Panuku Development Auckland the formal go ahead to begin what is known as the Transform Manukau project as seen here: https://www.panuku.co.nz/manukau

Earlier in the year I met with Richard Davison and late last year David Rankin on the aspects and then proposed program of the Transform Manukau which has been covered extensively through my blog at www.voakl.net

With the Unitary Plan to go live in September and time having passed since the High Level Project Plan was finalised I was wondering if there could be a status update on both the entire Transform Project and specifics such as:

  • Residential or mixed housing along Davies Avenue
  • Creation of 145-plus homes at 20 Barrowcliffe Place
  • Redevelop Hayman Park and Puhinui Stream for greater public outcomes


Could the specifics for those above three projects please include:

  • Master Plans (Frameworks) for the project areas. If they cannot be made publicly available at the time of this LGOMA then the status of the drafting of the Master Plans and any delays or cost overruns incurred so far and why the delays and cost overruns have happened
  • Delivery/Execution of the Master Plan timeframe
  • Public Input given Transform Manukau was to be a community collaboration with Panuku
  •  Local Board or Southern Initiative input


I look forward to your reply



Panuku have replied and an update is being arranged.



Once the updates have come in I will have them up on the blog.


Thank you to Panuku and Auckland Transport for compiling the updates.