No Luck with Election, Work Continues on Projects like #TransformManukau

Onward and upwards


Unfortunately I did not make it to being elected to Papakura Local Board. But my congratulations to those who did, to Goff as Mayor and others to their respective positions.

For me the work on things like Transform Manukau did not stop it just took a break with the campaign. As I said in early September with Auckland’s Centre of Gravity Moving South? Part 18 of the #TransformManukau Series momentum is definitely underway with Transform Manukau.


And with that momentum there is a story to be told, a story I would like to be at the front of in telling to Auckland and the wider world. The Transform Manukau story (its next chapter) should be out end of year if not early next year and exciting times do lay ahead.


Manukau economic output as of 2015 Source: HLPP - Panuku
Manukau economic output as of 2015
Source: HLPP – Panuku


Also a new project comes into my spotlight alongside Transform Manukau. The Airport Line will into my cross hairs as the push for heavy rail over light rail to the Airport steps up under the Goff Mayoralty. As mentioned in Heavy Rail to Airport Top Four (of 7) Options. Auckland Transport Want 5th Ranked Option Instead I am in favour of heavy rail as the main link to the Airport with the Botany Light Rail Line connecting Howick and Manukau up to the Airport as well.


Onward and upwards as they say


Airport Origins Source: Auckland Transport
Airport Origins
Source: Auckland Transport