Final #VoteAKL Results

Progressive Council remains


The final results for a rather poor turnout of an election (36%) are finally in.

Governing Body wise we have a progressive Council sitting on a 13-8 split or even 14-7 if Councillor Fletcher leans towards a more progressive angle than her tradition conservative one (crux will be the Rates issue).

Down in the south it is confirmed Sir John Walker and Daniel Newman will be representing Manurewa-Papakura while at Papakura Local Board we have a 3-3 split between the Papakura First Team and the Papakura Action Team.


Results as they stand:

Confirmed mayor and council

The following vote counts for mayor and councillors are provisional. Final results will released on Thursday 13 October after all the votes and counted and confirmed.

 Position  Name  Votes
 Mayor  Phil Goff  187622
 Ward Councillor  Name  Votes
 Albany ward  WATSON, John  19324
 Albany ward  WALKER, Wayne  17938
 Albert-Eden-Roskill  CASEY, Cathy  19256
 Albert-Eden-Roskill  FLETCHER, Christine  16925
 Franklin  CASHMORE, Bill  n/a
 Howick  STEWART, Sharon  17923
 Howick  QUAX, Dick  15516
 Manukau  FILIPAINA, Alf  17327
 Manukau  COLLINS, Fa’anana Efeso  16500
 Manurewa-Papakura  NEWMAN, Daniel  15423
 Manurewa-Papakura  WALKER, John  14794
 Maungakiekie-Tamaki  KRUM, Denise   9361
 North Shore  DARBY, Chris  19396
 North Shore  HILLS, Richard  12651
 Orakei  SIMPSON, Desley  18255
 Rodney  SAYERS, Greg  9252
 Waitakere  HULSE, Penny  19935
 Waitakere  COOPER, Linda  12442
 Waitemata and Gulf  LEE, Mike  9424
 Whau CLOW, Ross  6895



Manurewa-Papakura Ward

Manurewa-Papakura ward – confirmed

Candidate Affiliation Candidate No Votes Received Rank
NEWMAN, Daniel Manurewa-Papakura Action Team 421 15423 1
WALKER, John Independent 423 14794 2
PENROSE, Calum Independent 422 13790  
INFORMAL   424 17  
BLANK   425 1414


Papakura Local Board

Papakura Local Board – confirmed


Candidate Affiliation Candidate No Votes Received Rank
CATCHPOLE, Brent Papakura Action Team 1328 5575 1
WINN, Katrina Papakura Action Team 1338 5286 2
HAWKINS, George Papakura Action Team 1329 4996 3
MCENTEE, Bill Papakura First 1331 4615 4
AUVA’A, Felicity Jane Papakura First 1326 4156 5
TURNER, Michael Papakura First 1337 4014 6
O’CONNOR, Neil Papakura Action Team 1333 3720  
NAKHLE, Rima Papakura Action Team 1332 3461  
ROBINSON, John Independent 1335 3425  
ROSS, Benjamin Papakura First 1336 3016  
PRINGLE, Owen Papakura First 1334 2738  
LOASBY, Kevin Papakura Action Team 1330 2469  
BRITNELL, Stuart Papakura First 1327 2427  
INFORMAL   1339 33  
BLANK   1340 553




I had secured about 30% of the vote in my first hit out. Okay sure not elected but I am still quite chuffed and thank the people for their votes.

I will still be around with Papakura keeping an eye on the issues. And in staying true to that I have three Local Government Official Information Act requests with Auckland Transport on transport issues with two more still be sent. Busy times ahead but for credit to Auckland Transport in their prompt replies including Twitter – yay.


I’ll post on the LGOIMA’s when AT has fully responded.


Voter turn out by subregion Source: Auckland Council
Voter turn out by subregion
Source: Auckland Council


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