#UnitaryPlan Appeals Open for Designations. Updates On Unitary Plan Appeals

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From Auckland Council:

Appeals period for designations begins

The separate appeals period for designations included in the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan begins from today.

A designation is a planning tool used for public works by government, local authorities, and network utility operators (such as power companies) – called ‘Requiring Authorities’ under the Resource Management Act.

The appeals period relates to decisions on designations made by government and utility operators. The appeal period for Auckland Council designations closed on
16 September 2016.

People who made submissions on designations in the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan will have 30 working days to lodge appeals to the Environment Court and 20 working days to lodge appeals to the High Court on points of law only.

Designations identify existing public works and buildings, such as schools, parks, water services or other infrastructure, and where new public works may be required in the future.

They also restrict what land owners or occupiers can do in certain areas while enabling requiring authorities to undertake public works.

Most of the designations included in the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan have been ‘rolled over’ from the old district plans of Auckland’s former councils.

For many ‘rolled over’ designations there will be little change, if any, to the designation provisions.  However, there have been modifications to other designations, and some new designations have been requested through the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan process.

More information on the decisions made on the designations can be viewed under the ‘what’s new’ heading on the Auckland Council website atwww.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/unitaryplan.



As for the Auckland 2040 and Character Coalition  appeal to the High Court on the Unitary Plan, a communication came through from the Coalition stating they had tightened their appeal to the Out of Scope and Heritage aspects on the Unitary Plan which was mainly contained to the Isthmus. From my interpretation development in the South and West of Auckland will be pretty much un-hindered by High Court appeals currently under way. That said the High Court in its most recent Minute (see bottom of post) has indicated that Auckland 2040/Character Coalition appeal will be heard as a top priority given its nature and scope to hold up developments on the Isthmus and North Shore.

More on that as it rolls through.


The High Court Minute concerning the Unitary Plan