Light Rail Running Through Manukau!

The Cities Skylines version that is


Well it finally happened with Manukau City Centre and neighbouring Wiri getting a light rail services that connects with bus services and the city-wide rail system. Commuters, tourists, shoppers and those wanting a nosy (whether local or from abroad) in the many retail outlets jump up and down with joy thanking the Mayor for the commitment to fast and efficient transit for the booming Manukau area. Businesses also thanked the Mayor for the commitment to the new light rail scheme saying it connects people up to not only areas across Manukau and Wiri but also further abroad with the Manukau Interchange.


You would think that would be the headline and story for Manukau City Centre in South Auckland in the near future. It maybe so and sooner than we think with Auckland Transport beginning the preliminary investigations into which corridor Manukau and the Airport will be linked up with to Botany and a light rail system (see: Airport Light Rail Case Study Contained Errors Prompting Review? Back to Heavy Rail?)


AT's proposals for the Botany Line to the Airport Source: Auckland Transport
AT’s proposals for the Botany Line to the Airport
Source: Auckland Transport


Manukau Light Rail – Cities Skylines Version


While the real version Manukau waits for its Light Rail the Cities Skylines version had its version of Light Rail installed today. The Manukau-Wiri LRT Loop basically follows the perimeter ring road that creates a de-facto border of the core Manukau and Wiri areas. The loop does cross in the middle to the Manukau Interchange where it links up with the city-wide heavy rail system and the bus system that serves local routes as well as an express bus to the smaller Manukau Airport (Layton City International Airport is linked up by the rail system).

At the moment the Manukau-Wiri LRT Loop does duplicate most of the Manukau-Wiri bus loop with a slight deviation near the motorway junction at the south-western end of Manukau. For now both services will run but given the congestion at the bus section of the Manukau Interchange I am likely to drop older bus loops later on. Will see how the patronage pans out as well as the construction of the Wiri Leisure Precinct (night clubs and bars etc.)


Below are some pictures of the Manukau-Wiri LRT Loop in both directions (the bus loop pictures I will post to my Cities Skylines blog). Also included is the Manukau-Manukau Airport Express Bus and some wider shots of Manukau and Wiri:


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What it shows with a bit of will power and a plan you can even turn a 1960’s car-centric place like Manukau into a pro-transit and pro-people destination as well as a desirable place to live!