New Southern Line Timetable Not Flash Either (Better than the Western though)

Reduction in actual services


I had managed to get some updates on the new Southern and Eastern Line timetables after reporting in what is a reduction in services for the Western Line under the new timetable due out March 12 (see: New Auckland Rail Timetable Disaster for Western Line Commuters? (note: it is the first, second and fourth services of the day that leave from Henderson with the third service starting from Swanson, not the first three as reported yesterday)).

The Eastern Line has no major changes although the total journey time is not reduced from the current 39 minutes even with Westfield Station closed. So why is the journey not speeding up Auckland Transport as it should really only take 30 mins to do Manukau to Britomart via Panmure?


The Southern Line has a couple of changes and a pile of missed opportunities as well. 

This is what I know thus far:

  • The first service on the Southern Line to Britomart will still leave from Puhinui not Papakura as current. However, it (and I am assuming the same for Papakura) will leave at 5:09am not 5:06am. The fourth service will also leave from Puhinui
  • Parnell Station will be open while Westfield will be closed. Total run time is 53 minutes when you can get it down to 45mins with proper train management (dwell times)
  • Pukekohe gets an extra service to them on a Friday and Saturday evening
  • Frequencies have not improved to the all day 15 minute mark as stated in the Regional Public Transport Plan
  • The first 380 Airporter bus leaves Manukau at 4:20am. To have the trains meet up with it at Papatoetoe your first Southern Line Train needs to leave Papakura at 3:50am to allow adequate transfer times
  • First train to Papakura is at 5:26am


So nothing major but more missed opportunities connecting up with the 380 Airporter in the early hours as well as reduced running times allowing for faster trip times.


Finally: Auckland to Hike Public Transport Fares 5% and 14% Respectively. Still Equity Issues. This includes $10 more on the Monthly Pass.


Time to contact your local Councillors and ask them to bring Auckland Transport before the Governing Body and remind AT of our expectations of a decent and reliable rail transit system per the RPTP. The contact details for Councillors can be seen here:

To contact Mayor Phil Goff refer to here:



What we want is decent rail frequencies that not only match up with the New Bus Network but also extension of services into the evenings to cater for our more 24/7 economy.



Auckland Transport seem to be going out of their way to make transit rather unattractive…..


EMU savings


2 thoughts on “New Southern Line Timetable Not Flash Either (Better than the Western though)

  1. So does it means there is no speed up in journey time as well as no increase in frequency?
    That would be a big disappointment. Is the transport blog people aware of it? It would be good you go there and make a guest post to raise public awareness.

    1. Correct.

      Transport Blog is aware of it. As for a guest post I have asked in the past and not been successful there.

      That said the institutions (Councillors, Mayor, CCO’s and the Media) are fully aware and have been commenting on this (that is apart from AT this is not acceptable)

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